Off-Campus Housing and Subletting

<p>I'm currently a 2nd year living in on-campus apartments. My friends and I have begun thinking of off campus housing. I looked around on these forums and it seems like many popular locations are Costa Verde, Crossroads, International Gardens, La Regencia, and Trieste.</p>

<p>I've visited La Regencia and it seems pretty spacious with a good price, and from reviews I've seen on Yelp, it's one of the cheaper apartments within the UCSD shuttle system.</p>

<p>Anyone have any opinions on these apartments and others that I have not mentioned? I would definitely visit as many as i can. Also, is 3 room apartments with 6 people much cheaper than 2 rooms with 4? I'm not sure if i'll be able to find any 3 rooms, but if i do it might be preferred.</p>

<p>Finally, from what I've heard, leases are usually at least 1 year long. None of my friends will be staying during the summer so should I get the lease starting from July or September? (I heard Sept leases are more expensive) If i start July, I would prefer to rent it out, but I'm not too sure how that would work.</p>


<p>List of apartments I found
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