Off campus housing at cal poly pomona

<p>I got accepted as a transfer student to CPP and i will need to stay off campus for financial reasons.
I started looking for apartments around the school and haven't been too successful. Is LA County the only county to look for apartments? What are the cheapest prices i can get for rooms (i don't mind sharing)?</p>

<p>Oh and i should also add that i road bike to school each day since having a car would be an additional cost and would like to continue doing that.</p>

<p>Will anyone here need a roommate for the 11/12 academic year?</p>

<p>any advice from you guys?</p>

<p>Also look into house rentals near school. My friend is at CPP right now finishing up his last semester splitting a 3 bedroom house with like 4 other people (1 couple, 3 singles). Think it only costs him around $400-500/month.</p>

<p>well, i’ve been looking at craiglist and so far it hasn’t been as helpful as i thought it would be.
do you know other sites where i could take this search?</p>

<p>Off-campus, students tend to live in Walnut, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills and Pomona’s own upscale neighborhood, Philips Ranch. You can continue riding your bike, but you will probably have to take the bus, because from all of those locations, it will take you a while to get to school. Also, if you are going to use Craigslist, use Inland empire Craigslist</p>

<p>[inland</a> empire rooms & shares classifieds “cal poly” - craigslist](<a href=“inland empire rooms & shares "cal poly" - craigslist”>inland empire rooms & shares "cal poly" - craigslist)</p>

<p>See… found several hundred listings for keyword “Cal Poly”</p>

<p>thanks marion,
i’ve been thinking about just getting a house to share with other people. i wouldn’t mind doing so with a room but i’m not too sure of how receptive people will be off that idea.</p>

<p>apart from craiglist, what other sites do you know about?</p>