Off campus housing

<p>Anyone have any knowledge, opinions, thoughts on The Retreat (off Jack Warner Pkwy) AND The Woodlands (on Hargrove Rd behind University mall)?</p>

<p>DD’s boyfriend has lived at The Woodlands for the past 2 years. He has had a very positive experience. I know they give some nice incentives for signing a lease…his sophomore year he received and Ipad2 for signing! He lived in a 4 bedroom the first year in the middle level. This year he is in a 3 bedroom in the back of the complex. He will not returning next year, he’s going to live in the Fraternity house for his senior year…it is closer to DD who will live in her sorority house for her senior year (she’s actually lived in the past 2 years).</p>

<p>My D lives at The Woodlands and really likes it. It was a good choice for her because it comes furnished, so we didn’t have to deal with furnishing a whole apartment. Utilities are included, with a cap. The first month they did go over the cap, by about $18 ($6 per person). They have since started running the dishwasher less and they did not go over this last month. They do have incentives for lease signing. This year she opted for cold hard cash ;)</p>

<p>She’s in a 3-bedroom townhome. It’s very convenient. Very close to Target. They have a shuttle to campus. She has a car, but it’s a nice option if you don’t have one.</p>

<p>Let me know if you have a specific question.</p>

<p>My son has lived at The Retreat for the last 2 years. It’s really nice…REALLY nice. </p>

<p>What do you want to know?</p>

<p>Do students who live off-campus use their own cars to drive to a commuter lot (and then walk/crimson around campus), or do they use shuttles from apts to campus? I’ve heard both, but I was just wondering for practicality sake, which is preferred. How much additional time do you estimate that a student living off campus should build into their schedule to accommodate the additional transportation to/from? I know this will depend on where the apt is, but just looking for some general info here.</p>

<p>We toured both The Retreat and The Woodlands this past weekend. Both really nice, with comparable amenities and pricing. Was just wanting any input from those who live or have lived there (regarding management, convenience, location, etc).</p>

<p>My son uses both the Crimson Ride and his own car for transportation depending on his day’s schedule and his plans. </p>

<p>It’s hard to estimate the time that a student must allow for either choice because it does depend on distance. When driving, my son has to allow time to find a parking space and then walk a further distance to his classes. When taking the CR, the ride may take longer, but no time is spent looking for a parking space and the drop off location is closer to academic bldgs. </p>

<p>Be sure to look at the shuttle times to and from apts. not all of them have night-time return times or weekend shuttles to campus. If your child has a night class or lab time at night or must be on campus on weekends, and the shuttle doesn’t run during those times, then a car will be needed…unless the apt is close enough to walk to.</p>

<p>I haven’t had to contact the management for any issues. My D did call them about her cable. Apparently one of the channels seems to go out every so often. Once it started happening on Mondays before Gossip Girl, that got her on the phone complaining ASAP. She was told it was a system-wide problem that they were aware of and working on. That’s the only complaint she’s ever mentioned to me.</p>

<p>I did get an email from the management recently, since I’m the guarantor. There have been some robberies in the area, on campus as well as other complexes, so they were alerting the tenants. My D said she has since noticed more security. I just got another email that they are hosting a free pizza and prevention night so tenants can learn more about crime awareness.</p>

<p>Overall I’ve been very pleased with The Woodlands and my D and her roommate have decided to stay there next year. Their third roommate is moving to her sorority house next year.</p>

<p>Oh, and I read complaints on Yelp about no parking, but she never has a problem finding parking right by her place. In fact, if you read the comments on those types of sites, it will have you worried. I can honestly say she hasn’t encountered any of the problems that we read about.</p>