Off-Campus Housing?

<p>I'm jumping the gun because I didn't even get the accepted packet yet, only the invitation, but I think I can save a lot of money if I choose to not live in housing but move to NY with my friend and find a place in Brooklyn or Queens and split the rent in half. Is this possible given that I live in WI?</p>

<p>sure is!
Just be prepared to commute from either area. It can take quite some time depending on where you're at.</p>

<p>I rode the B train once from Manhattan to Brighton Beach. That took a while. But for jobs then, when should I start looking for one? Can I even get a job due to my location and because it's so competetive to get one there?</p>

<p>be advised that if you turn down housing, you might not ever be able to get back in. You would be on a waitlist with no guarantee of NYU housing. Last dibs. Same goes if you take housing for a year and then opt out</p>

<p>I live on Long island and my parents think I should commute! It's only a train ride away, but a freaking 35-40 min commute...I think I'll dorm</p>