Off-Campus Housing?

<p>hi, I am thinking about applying to UCF as a transfer student. Where do students like living off-campus? What are the nice housing complexes?</p>

<p>Can't answer too much. But I know my S will be at Northgate Lakes Apt. on McCulloh, near the stadium entrance. However, last time I was on their website, it said they were full. The housing department has an off-campus directory, I believe. If you search the UCF threads I think there were some past off-campus discussions that went on.</p>


<p>Here is the link to the UCF off-campus directory:</p>

<p>University</a> of Central Florida Off Campus Housing Service</p>

<p>Need a place to rent or sublet? Click here to search University of Central Florida's official off-campus housing database. </p>

<p>Need to find a roommate, buy and sell furnishings, or solve any other challenges of off-campus life? Click here to use our message boards. </p>

<p>Need to list your properties for lease or sublet? Click here to submit your property listing.</p>

<p>Pegasus Landing and Pegasus Point are associated with UCF. They are gated communities where UCF police patrol. In addition the shuttles of UCF do goto these complexes.</p>