Off-Campus Housing

<p>Hi. I've read much concerning the above, and most of which indicates that off-campus residency is terrible - too loud, too much partying, too far away, bad management, etc. I've read reviews on many apartment complexes - The Estates, The Courtyards, Jefferson 2nd, Cabana, etc. - and none seem to have a rounded, positive view. I was wondering if anyone can recommend decent off-campus living (and while the Trimark properties aren't necessarily off-campus, you can include those and any other complexes that happen to be on campus).</p>

<p>Some background: I'm an incoming freshman. I certainly had planned dorm living; however, as my housing selection date is 24 June, and as most of the dorms are already full now, I don't foresee on-campus living to be an option. Hence, I've begun my (frantic) search for off-campus living. I'm a male (I know that crosses out some all-female complexes). And I would prefer a generally quiet atmosphere (lots of science and math classes that will certainly require some studying). Also, I would certainly love housing that is pretty close to campus, so I can integrate better - I saw the Arbor Apartments, and they looked nice, until I realized that it would be at least a 15 minute commute by car. In terms of price range, I definitely need to stay under $600, but around $500 or less would be ideal.</p>

<p>Any suggestions?</p>

<p>Cobblestone Apartments</p>

<p>does anyone know any good off-campus apartments near the physics or math departments?</p>

<p>The physics building is smack dab in the center of campus, so there's nothing even close to there. As for math, it's based out of little hall, on the very west edge of campus. I think the trimark properties are right there, and Jefferson 2nd avenue isn't too too far.</p>

<p>After living at the estates one year (I do not recommend this place), I've ended up living far from campus and just taking the 20-30 min bus ride. I review my notes or read a book during that time, so living far has brought my grades up.</p>

<p>There's really not many properties that are truely within walking distance of your classes, because campus is so enormous (several miles across). Often it makes more sense to just pick a complex on a convenient bus route.</p>

<p>The University Club Apartments seem like a pretty good place. They're waiving their security deposits and their rent is now $450. I was told that the rent was all inclusive as well but yea check into that.</p>

<p>Thank you all so much for the feedback! I'll check out these new options, and if anyone else has suggestions, of course they are welcome. </p>

<p>Zaersz - this idea of using the bus as a time to study is a great one, and one that indeed came to my mind. I would definitely favor this to driving, and probably to walking - however, I have had some negative things about the bus route (e.g., too crowded in 'peak time' such as finals). In any case, thanks again.</p>

<p>ziggy41, if you have a housing selection date of June 24 then you have a housing contract with UF unless you were told you are on waitlist.<br>
That means that you have space. It may not be your first choice and you may be in a triple, but your date was set by the date of your housing application date. </p>

<p>If this is the case, getting out of your contract may not be that easy. There are specific reasons why a contract can be canceled after May 3. Before you sign a lease on any off campus housing, make sure you contact the housing department at UF and find out what your options are.</p>

<p>Thanks for the sound advice gatormomma, it's easy to forget about those binding clauses. I'll make sure to call and find out more about cancellation - I only know that the Trimark complexes are able to form a lease agreement which simultaneously cancels the one formerly made to UF, but I'm not sure how true that is with other apt complexes..</p>

<p>Almost every year for a while they have let people out of the contracts pretty easy, cause there's always more people then spaces.</p>

<p>In regards to buses, it depends which route and where on the route you are. If you're pretty far from campus, the bus will be pretty empty when it gets to you, so you can stake out a good seat then enjoy the ride. If you're smart, you figure out the earliest convenient stop on campus, so again the bus is empty (until it fills up at the next stop, but you already have your good seat, so it doesn't matter)</p>

The University Club Apartments seem like a pretty good place. They're waiving their security deposits and their rent is now $450. I was told that the rent was all inclusive as well but yea check into that.


<p>I live at UClub now and I've signed a lease for next year as well. Definitely recommended. Great price, nice size, and has 3 bus routes that run by. Sometimes the buses will be extremely crowded during peak times, but eventually you'll get into a rhythm and find something that works into your schedule where you don't have 7 buses passing you by at 8am, even if it means getting up a half hour earlier. Fairly quiet around most of the time, except for weekends (but that's expected). Staff and community activities are pretty cool too, maintenance responds to issues quickly as well. I really like it here and haven't heard any complaints from friends that live here as well.</p>

<p>That's awesome, thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into it some more. It certainly has decently favorable reviews from (University</a> Club Apartments Ratings, Reviews, Map, Rents, and other Gainesville apartments for rent from, especially compared to many of the other nearby apartments (e.g. The Courtyards).
Anyway, thanks again for the input.</p>

<p>are there any good single apartments for less than $1000, a short bike ride away from campus?</p>

<p>My single rent was $590 and I lived on 34th street down near Archer. It was a great complex too. I can't imagine any apartment complex charging $1000/month to live in gainesville.</p>

<p>Do you remember the name of the complex? Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>Does anyone know of good apartments that is walking distance to UF?</p>

<p>The Courtyards seemed pretty decent to me. I signed my lease there for the 2010-2011 school year this past Monday. If it's possible, I'd say you take a look at the place.</p>

<p>I decided I wanted to be as close as possible to campus. I applied after the November 1st deadline and was screwed over in terms of housing.</p>

<p>Check out La Mancha Apartments. Courtyards is known to be a party place, depending on your neighbors, it could be very loud every single night.</p>

<p>Does anyone know of a two bedroom apartment near campus for less than $550 a room each month?</p>