off campus housing

<p>do you guys have any tips on finding a nice place to live off campus?
most importantly is closeness to campus, and affordability.

<p>I've heard that SouthGate is a popular option for off-campus housing. SouthGate</a> >> Private Dorm >> FSU >> Student Housing >> Florida State University >> Private Dorm >> Tallahassee Apartments >> Florida State University >> Student Housing Apartments</p>

<p>Here's an off campus option:
Nole</a> Nook</p>

<p>Nole Nook link is the POINT at ADAMS PLACE. It is NOT CLOSE. It is an apartment complex that tried to go condo and sell places to parents or students for tax write-offs before the bottom of the market fell out. Half the place is condo the other half never sold and is apts. Many of the condos are in foreclosure I would recommend looking elsewhere.</p>

<p>Close and walking distance can mean older and a little pricier but they exist. Sometimes you just need to go to Tally, drive around, see "for rent" signs and knock on doors. You can look for rooms avail on Craigslist, on the off campus housing site that FSU runs. There are some listings for rooms in Apts on facebook. There are newer complexes on the FSU bus line. Again, visiting and waiting for the bus and riding around gives you an idea of whether being on the bus line but not in walking distance is doable. Look at apts at Heritage Ridge as they are co-owned by FSU.</p>