Off campus interviews

<p>Does AU have off campus interviews with alumni?</p>

<p>I could not find any information regarding this on the website. I would love to meet with an alumni in my area, as I am doing for one school already this week.</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>As far as I know the off campus interviews are limited to the posted schedule of dates and cities, all which have passed. you should call them though and see if they can work something out, if not at least they know you are really interested...
i did an on campus interview and it was more informational than evaluative anyways. so if you don't get one, i wouldn't worry about it.</p>

<p>American does not offer Alumni interviews, what they do offer is one on one interviews with the adcom who handles your area. As the above poster said, they are limited to the dates that these adcoms are in your area, and they have passed. My daughter did hers about a month ago and she too said it was more of a conversation than an interview. These are not mandatory so I wouldn't worry about it if you don't interview.</p>

<p>... i didn't interview... i still got in. Don't worry about it.
If u look at AU accecptance rate, its about half of all apps.. i wouldn't be too worried.... just relax and enjoy your snr year!!!!</p>


<p>p.s. yea to over 100 posts!!! :-D</p>