Off-Campus vs On-Campus (Transfer)

<p>So, am I allowed to reserve on-campus housing, but cancel by June 30th for the reason of changing to off-campus?</p>

<p>I’m still deciding whether to stay on-campus or off-campus because I hear that UCD reduces the grant if you choose off-campus. So, if I decide to stay off-campus, can I get a full refund? (or does it have to be another reason, like changing universities or something?). UCD is currently offering me 6800 with me having chosen to stay off-campus.</p>

<p>Also, in general, what would you say the monthly price of off-campus housing is? Like, 600 bucks for your own room when sharing the APT unit with someone, right (or like 300 if you share your room with someone)? But then, maybe like 1500 bucks for food per year?</p>

<p>Is the $6800 for the whole year or for each quarter? When financial aid kicks in for fall quarter (September 15), a set amount is deducted from however much financial aid you have (for example, this year I was offered $14,000 in grant money. Each quarter, financial aid would take about $3000-4000 to pay for my tuition). If you have any financial aid remaining after your tuition has been paid for, your MyBill statement will show a negative balance, and that’s the amount you will get back. So I don’t understand what you mean by if you can get a full refund. </p>

<p>Also, monthly price for off-campus housing ranges, depending on where you live, how many housemates you have, whether you’re in a single or sharing a room, and the size of your room (many people tend to divide cost based on square footage of their room, so a master bedroom will cost more than a small bedroom). Generally, a single room is in the ballpark of $500-700, and sharing a room can either be as little as $250 or just as much as a single room (if you’re living in a one bedroom apartment and only have one roommate). The closer you are to campus, the more expensive rent will be. Someone I know who lives right across campus pays $900 for a studio apartment. At the Rambles, because bedrooms can’t be shared, rent can be about $800-900 a month. </p>

<p>The $6800 is for the whole year. For the full refund, I mean, will I be able to get the 500$ deposit (on-campus housing) back for the reason of wanting to stay off-campus?</p>