Off the wait list

<p>Sooner than I thought but, is U OF A a good choice for MT and yes I know about the cuts.</p>

<p>It is the only MT program that allows you to also get film credits from a top 10 film school in the country. It also has a conservatory approach, while maintaining the ability to take gen. Ed. Courses, which is very appealing for some people. It also has an amazing faculty, and the cut system is merely prep for the real world and business outside of graduation. Those are just a few reasons as at why I am attending here. :)</p>

<p>EB I am glad you are happy with your choice, are you from the Tucson area? Look into the staff that has left recently , and the last list of kids cut from the program. And you will not be allowed to take film classes in the MT dept, they are separate. You must be loyal to MT, not work outside the program, and fit into the social circle of your classmates. Just be ready to play the game, you will do fine.</p>