Offer some suggestions please!

<p>Basically I have no idea where I want to go to college. My parents are really pushing for me to go to a 'known' or reputable college but with my grades/test scores i'm not sure if I can make it. I do decently at testing but I am definitely a slacker and don't try to my fullest potential (to my detriment).
If any of you have suggestions for a good college that would be a good fit or reach I would really appreciate it.</p>

<p>3.125 w/ soph-jun GPA.
2060 SAT
640 US History
580 Math II (terrible)
86th best high school in the states (if that means anything)</p>

<p>Model UN Distinguished Delegate
Model UN Exceptional Delegate
Honorable Mention for an AIDs/HIV awareness foundation (photograph)
3 years of swimming
2 years of waterpolo
Senior class social secretary</p>

<p>200+ community service hours
Eagle Scout w/:
~Bronze Palm
~Gold Palm
~Order of the Arrow
~SPL for 6 months
Member of Search and Rescue
Some other stuff that i'm forgetting but will add later</p>

<p>Any and all suggestions and input are welcome, thanks for your time!</p>