Offered Wait List?

<p>Kind of upset that i didn't get admitted, though I was expecting not to, with a 3.2 gpa and 27 act to DGS. It just kind of sucks because I was deferred from first decisions now I'm on the wait list. Can I just get a decision?</p>

<p>So what exactly does offered wait list mean? I can't find much. Regardless I'm probably going to give up on UIUC.</p>

<p>Basically, they're going to determine how many of the students they accepted actually end up enrolling. UIUC dips into the waitlist close to the end of the school year to fill up its freshman class to capacity so they're not under enrolled.</p>

<p>Yes that is what I got from what I found about it. So since it says "offered" wait list do I have to accept the offer or something? Also I'm not sure its worth the wait on making a decision on a school to wait for the chance of getting in there.</p>

<p>You'll get a letter in the mail with more info, I'm sure.</p>

<p>my friend was on the wait list when he applied senior year of highschool. he ended up going to a community college and applied again after 2 years, he got in the second time</p>