Offering Free Help with Essays!

Hey! I was accepted to Columbia through ED and would be happy to help anyone still in the process of applying to colleges for the RD application dates! If you have any questions about essays or essay tips feel free to drop them below, or if you’d like to have some personalized help with your specific essay let me know and I could make that work as well. I will say I think essays are a super important part of an application because very good essays can be weighed very heavily in an applicants favor and essays are entirely in our control. At least for me, I definitely think my essays were what got me into my dream school despite my otherwise unexceptional application

Caveat emptor. It’s up to users if they want to share essays with high school users with little posting history

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My D is junior this year. She is not sure how we select the topic for easy and where to start. As we been hearing essays should be different than what’s on your resume or any extracurricular activities you do. You can PM or reply to this thread. Any help will be appreciated.