Offers of appointment arriving in 2006

<p>I thought I would start a new thread for appointments since the other one was getting so long.</p>

<p>Is it more common to get a nomination first or an appointment?</p>

<p>Either nothing without the other, right?</p>

<p>you need a nomination to get an appointment</p>

<p>At this point the nomination will come first most likely.</p>

<p>an appointment w/o a nom is an LOA</p>

<p>An LOA is not an appointment, with or without a nomination. Only an appointment is an "appointment." An LOA is an assurance that a space is reserved for you and an appointment will come IF you fulfill all the requirements stated on the letter of assurance that have not yet been fulfilled.</p>

<p>Hey guys. I saw on the other forums for USAFA and USMA that they were also adding in an extra about themselves. Maybe we could add in a little about where we are from to get to know our future classmates better.</p>

<p>SaS- </p>

<p>The getting to know you thing is a good idea. There are a lot of new people on the threads. Should we just say hometown and grade orrrrr interests? or anything else?</p>

<p>how's about:</p>

plan for career after graduating USNA
service selection choice/plan</p>

<p>A few thoughts from a parent -
Each time someone posts their "info/stats/whatever" have them copy and add their name to a running list of others who have posted their info/status before them. Experiment/decide on a form to copy and edit for each post. Details are fine, but too many will turn off some, so make it clear that they can post only the details they feel comfortable with. Simpler is probably better for the majority, but whatever you candidates decide is best.</p>

<p>and try as hard as possible to keep on subject...because some posts similar to this have just swayed away from the topic into something totally different. i saw one thread start in "where people were from" and end up in talking about the show law and order.</p>

<p>True. It is impossible for people to stay on topic in these forums. That is why if you have a form and it gets updated with the current list each post, it will tend to keep it on subject better and will allow easier viewing and searching for the posts of other listers.</p>

<p>Plus, you can bump the thread up (thus covering the off topic posts) by copying and pasting the most recent relevant post.</p>

<p>I know nothing about technology, but is it possible to set up a forum so that only one or two people could add to it (i know that seems to defeat the purpose of a forum)? They could transfer the relevant threads and the rest of us could access. We could use this one to collect the information but keep the relevant threads on a separate one.</p>