Offers to Girls--2015?

D is on the wait list, and we know of at least four females who are wait-listed as well. All the offers have supposedly been made. While I know not everyone is on CC, usually through the various social media sources, you can track at least SOME notifications of kids being accepted, but I have seen no notifications of any female acceptances (other than one offer/acceptance made back in November). Anyone have any scoop on females offered a spot at Texas State for the Class of 2019?

another girl accepted yesterday. i think some of the others offered are still deciding.

@MTLegacy‌–What I mean is that no girls have listed that they “got an acceptance” from Texas State. In other words, it seems odd that there has been no posting on any site saying “Texas State gave me an offer”–other than your son, the other boys, and one girl back in November.

understood. however one more girl did accept so now there are two

As of yesterday, three girls have now accepted.

Oh, boy. My D is on WL and hoping for some movement. @MTLegacy‌ , really appreciate your updates so we know where things stand. Please keep them coming! Feel free to PM me.

Any more news on acceptances for girls?

Here’s what I know. There were 8 girls offered (as opposed to the 9 that I thought initially). 4 girls have accepted.
1 chose to go elsewhere and 3 are still deciding (campus visits to make their final determination).

I know you only asked about girls but there were 9 boys offered. 6 have accepted. 1 chose to go elsewhere and 2 are still deciding.

I know that 2 of the kids chose Texas over Michigan and 1 (MTDadandProud) chose Texas over CMU. 1 other is waitlisted at both Michigan and CMU but chose TX.

So, that’s what I know as of now.

Do you know how many they want to yield total?

I don’t. I’m only aware of those particular numbers.

We have a friend who is accepted at Texas State, a girl, and had not yet decided as of this weekend. She has two other possibilities and was visiting one last weekend.

One girl declined yesterday to pursue a BFA in acting. I believe there is still an offer out to one girl and one boy.

@MTDadandProud - that’s what I understand to be the case as well.