Offical 2016 UF transfer accptence/denial thread

Hey guys I decided to start the offical University of Florida acceptance/denial for the year of 2016.
Be sure to include:
Overall gpa
term applied to.

When you have post your accptence /denial please re-post your stats for convenice. Thanks and good luck everyone.

My stats:
Digital arts and sciences ( engineering )
3.3 gpa
3.9 pre professional 
summer term 

I have a question. does anyone know what it means when they say “Must typically have a minimum 2.75 GPA on all attempts of these courses to be competitive.” does that mean if I got a C on one of those courses on my first attempt and an A on the second attempt I still wouldn’t be competitive? Sorry if this is unrelated.

I think it means that you have to have at least a 2.75 on every attempt. So that means that u have to have a 2.75 with the first and second attempt included. Can I ask what ur major is ?

My application has been sent to the college for a final decision. Just waiting to hear back now.
Finance Major
4.0 UW GPA
4.0 Pre Prof. (Taking my last two business prereqs this summer)
Spring 2016 Junior Transfer w/63 credits

That really Good I don’t think u have anything to worry about… I’m a little worried about my overall gpa. I don’t think it’s high enough

The good thing is you preprof GPA is high. That’s always helpful!

Omg I don’t think I can wait anymore. I Changed my application from summer to sping 2016. How long did it take for you application to be referred to your college?

I applied on 4/30 and it was referred to the college for review on 7/5. I got an email from UF saying I would have to wait till at least September 22nd (the application deadline) until being accepted or rejected because my major is “extremely competitive” and they want to make sure they have received all of the applications. You might not have to wait as long because your major is different.

Major: Biology
Overall GPA: 3.6
Pre-professional GPA: 3.4
Term applied to: Spring 2016

@GatorGetter: I’m also worried about my GPA (except my pre-prof instead of overall), especially for their Bio department. It’s competitive and I did poorly the first few semesters and ruined my GPA. I am hoping they can take the amount of effort I put into my last semesters into consideration more than overall, since I ended on a strong note.

@ashxxch 2.75 GPA on every attempt is like this:

(3 credits) College Algebra: Withdrawal (not fail since it was before the halfway mark) - 0 pts
(3 credits) College Algebra: A - 12 pts
(3 credits) Pre-Calculus: B - 9 pts
(3 credits) Trigonometry: A - 12 pts

33 points earned / 12 possible credit hours = the GPA would be a 2.75 GPA

My application has been referred to my college for final dicision!!!@IFeedCats I am a little worried also. I’ve been reading on old forms people being denied for not having ALL their pre reqs. I am currently taking 4 out of 7 and I have 3 in progress. But my program is small so hopefully they will let me in on a conditional term. @yankees0918 wow! That’s crazy. With a 4.0 I think you will be accepted

I currently have 4 out of 7 *

Best of luck! Im so eager to find out already!

Hey guys,
Major: Economics (CLAS)
GPA: 3.51 (should go be at a 3.67 after fall)
Term: Fall 2016
Coming from Miami-Dade College

I’m going to send in my application tomorrow but I have a couple of questions first. Is preprofessional GPA the same as prerequisite GPA or are they different? And, do I need to send in my high school transcripts as soon as i submit my application for them to begin reviewing it (my foreign language competency was completed in HS)? I don’t see anywhere where it tells us to submit our HS transcripts for this, but I assume we have to based on previous forums.

@GatorNation998 I submitted them with my application.
“All Transfer Applicants Must … Submit all high school and postsecondary transcripts.” - Source:

I’m not sure as far as preprof and prereq are concerned, I’ve been using them interchangeably. CLAS’s website made it sound like they calculated the GPA from your prereqs for a decision, but also looked at other coursework you have taken that will help complete your major.

@IFeedCats Thanks! And are high school transcripts proof of foreign language competency or is there other documentation that needs to be sent?

@GatorNation998 I believe if an official transcript is sent then you’re good. At least I haven’t sent anything else to prove I met it.

Is every college done by rolling admissions?

Ok guys, I have new stats because I changed my major.

College: Miami-Dade College
Term: Fall 2016
GPA: 3.51 (should be a 3.67 after fall)
Prerequisite GPA: 3.55 (should be a 3.67 after fall)
Major: Business Administration, General Studies (BABA)
Applied late September and UF got all of my transcripts by 10/5

I’ve been referred to my college for a final decision as of 3 days ago! I’m probably going to have to wait for a few more months though 8-|

Hey guys. I kinda forgot that I started this thread. Well I wasn’t accepted into UF because I didn’t complete all my prerequisites they told me to apply again for the summer but I didn’t want to wait so long to attend school. But I did get accepted into FSU (GO NOLES)and I’ll be attending there. @yankees0918 and @GatorNation998 and @IFeedCats did u guys hear from uf yet?