Offical Wheaton College Class of 2019

<p>Hi guys! </p>

<p>I am an Early Decision admit to Wheaton College in MA Class of 2019!! </p>

<p>Im excited for the start of college and noticed that there aren't many discussions about Wheaton on CC, lets change that. I'm pretty surprised there aren't that many threads, Wheaton in my eyes is one of the best small LAC's out there.</p>

<p>Post here your thoughts, questions, ideas... and anything really about Wheaton. Applicants, alums, newly admits, and prospective students welcomed! </p>

<p>GO Lyons!! </p>

<p>We are still waiting to hear word on Early Action application…</p>

<p>Shouldn’t those be out in February? </p>

<p>Jan 15 according to the website but Jan 1 according to the common data set.</p>

Has anyone gotten their letters yet? Wondering if they’re mailing them on the 15th or if students will be notified by then.

They will be released today after 3 pm EST in the online portal. If you got in, they will also put your packet in the mail today at 3. The email was in my daughter’s spam folder.

Got it, thanks!

What were the results?!

Hi Wheatie2019, I’m an Early Action admit at Wheaton and I am a french senior in High School.
I’d like to know why you chose Wheaton.

Hi @AFrenchie36‌ , congrats on your acceptance!

The reason I chose wheaton was because of the feeling I got when I visited the campus. A huge well known research university was originally my first choice until I visited Wheaton this past fall. While I was there I interviewed with a current student, and my interviewer was nice enough to give me a private tour of the facilities I was interested in that would have not been shown on the admission offices tour. It was a moment like that when I realized I wanted an education from a school where there is a strong welcoming community. Aside from the beautiful campus, Wheaton offers what I want to study and I feel like it’s program is very strong with a lot of opportunities. From my experiences so far they really do care and for me going to a school that isn’t just about the price tag is priceless.

I suggest that you carefully review your options for school, and take into account all of the factors (i.e location, major, size, atmosphere, price etc). This will be your home for the next four years. Good luck! If you have anymore questions I’d be happy to answer them!

how many RD apps did wheaton receive this year?

Can anyone see the results? It’s 3:30 and it says on the left side that we can see our results on the right but on the right side there is nothing new. :frowning:

@redpoodles It’s a link! You have to click on it, and the letter will pop up in PDF form. It took me a while to find it too :slight_smile:

Young woman I know in my wife’s “at risk” high school just called with her acceptance news. Very excited for her and I think she’d make a great Wheaton student. Now it all depends on decision day at Mount Holyoke and the financial aid offer.

Where is the link? See absolutely nothing.

It’s there now, thanks!