Office of Naval Research SEAP 2022

My son just got into the SEAP program of the Office of Naval Research (the email notification was sent on Jan 7th evening). He is a sophomore. He said he would get a stipend of $4,000, which I think is pretty nice for a high school student.

Is this a very competitive program? He intends to apply to a few other summer programs/internships (but I don’t know the details), and the SEAP offer has a deadline of January 18 to accept, which is before other applications are due.

Your advice would be appreciated.

Congrats to him!

Yes, this is a highly regarded program. He should do this. There will not be many programs that pay this much and it is competitive.

They usually have to have security clearance for this - that is why the decision date is this month- and that helps with getting research opportunities in college.

This is also a civilian career path to high paying jobs. There are college summer opportunities that pay 8000 to 10,000 for the summer.

Thank you for your reply! Just like you said, many summer programs cost a few thousand dollars for just 2 or 3 weeks of duration. The SEAP, however, pays the student, which is very nice.

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