Officer Candidate School after college-- what does this provide vs. transfer or application to a mil

As a parent I am interested in knowing the advantages of OCS and what advantages exist for a young adult who wants to go into the military as he is interested in investigative/security/navy seals type of careers…

Can’t think of any advantages other than it’s possibly/occasionally an opportunity to receive a commission without attending a SA or years of ROTC.

I am hoping to find other parents with these questions, too. Our son is a senior in college, doing very well and on track to graduate magna cum laude next spring. Recently he shocked us with news that he has been talking to recruiters and is interested in Officer Candidate School after getting his degree next spring. We don’t know of anyone who has done this. In fact, we don’t know anyone currently in any branch of the military. To us, this is completely out of left field.

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