Official 2019 Transfer Results

This is a general transfer results thread for all schools. Please only post results. No discussion. Thanks!

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Current college:
Entering as (soph/jr):
High School GPA:
SAT/ACT Scores:
SAT II Scores:
College GPA:
Transferable GPA (if applicable):
Major GPA:
Applied for FA:

Applied to:



Current college: Oklahoma State University
Entering as (soph/jr): soph
Major: Philosophy
High School GPA: 3.97 UW, 4.15 W
ACT Scores: 32, 33 superscore
College GPA: 4.0
Transferable GPA (if applicable): 4.0
Major GPA: 4.0
Hooks: geographic diversity (rural student), female, have a genetic abnormality .3% of the world has (linked my differences to taking a different path in college by transferring!)
US/Intl: US
Internship with women with special needs empowerment nonprofit
Research assistant
President of Student Council
Sorority member
Volunteer with CASA, local youth services, special needs empowerment, etc.
Founded a women’s empowerment nonprofit
Varsity sports
Vocal performance
Volunteer work with women’s empowerment nonprofits

Applied for FA: yes, except for Barnard

Applied to:
Rejected: tbd
Waitlisted: tbd

Attending: tbd

Comments: accepted to NYU CAS on April 4, waiting for decisions from other schools (May 1 and after)— will update then.

Current college: SMC
Entering as (soph/jr): Jr
Major: Poli Sci
High School GPA: 3.00
College GPA: 3.7
Transferable GPA (if applicable): 3.7
Major GPA: 4.00
Hooks: first get american
US/Intl: US
ECs: YDSA co-chairman, Phi Theta Kappa, Scholars program, law pathway program
Applied for FA: yea

Applied to:
UC Davis
UC Berkley

UC Santa Barbara
UC Irvine
UC San Diego
Cal Poly SLO
Loyola Marymount
Sarah Lawrence
Boston University
William and Mary
Pitzer College
Franklin and Marshall
Claremont Mckenna

Loyola Marymount
Cal Poly SLO
Fordham University
UC Santa Barbara
Tulane University
Syracuse University
Skidmore College
Boston University

Rejected: none so far
Waitlisted: none so far

Attending: Tulane as of now but all options are open

Feel free to chance me!

Current college: Reed College
Entering as (soph/jr): jr
Major: Philosophy
High School GPA: 3.1
SAT Scores: 1360/1600, 770 R, 590 M. Not Submitting to Amherst + Swarthmore + SGS
College GPA: 3.92
Transferable GPA (if applicable): 3.92
Major GPA: 3.98
Hooks: Professors at Swarthmore + Williams contacting admissions on my behalf. Legacy at Cornell.
US/Intl: US

Papers published in two competitive journals and accepted to over 30 conferences, amongst them graduate and professional ones.
Presented papers at the London School of Economic graduate conference and others.
Winner of Faculty Philosophy award and papers nominated by professors for presentation.
Member of Philosophical Society at Reed
Member and participant in Anti-racist organization at Reed
Varsity Tennis
Tutor for underprivileged students.

Applied to:
Columbia (General Studies)

Accepted: tbd
Rejected: Williams
Waitlisted: tbd

Attending: tbd

Comments: Not thinking I have much of a chance to be accepted, but I figured I might throw out some apps. I’m not unhappy with Reed. Been accepted to Cornell once already, and not sure if that will help or hurt me.

Current college:
Entering as (soph/jr): junior
Major: Chemical Engineering
High School GPA: 2.6
College GPA: 3.65
Transferable GPA (if applicable):
Major GPA: 3.8
Hooks: boring white guy
US/Intl: US
ECs: still boring white guy

Applied to: UC Davis, Berkeley
Accepted: UC Berkeley
Waitlisted: UV Davis

Can’t edit anymore, but also did not take any sat or other tests

Current college: t30 LAC
Entering as (soph/jr): soph
Major: History
High School GPA: 4.1
SAT/ACT Scores: 34 ACT
SAT II Scores: Didn’t send
College GPA: 3.85
Major GPA: 4.0
Hooks: instate for VA
US/Intl: US
ECs: Volunteering with children weekly, college orchestra, some other misc orgs
Applied for FA: no

Applied to: UVA, William and Mary, University of Richmond, James Madison U, Christopher Newport U
Accepted: ALL :slight_smile:
Rejected: none
Waitlisted: none

Attending: No clue- between UVA and W&M.

Comments: I think my recs were really good, and they made up for my lack of ECs and not-great essays. So excited to figure out what I’m doing next semester!

Still waiting for TAG result for UCSC
high school GPA 3.12
old SAT: 1280
EC: assistant manager for Fin. aid office
Major:Business management Economic
GPA 3.75
Prereq: Done
Accepted: UCD, UCR, UCSB
Rejected: UCLA, UCB
waitlist: UCI

Current college: Not giving the name but, it’s a rural California community college
Entering as (soph/jr): Junior
Major: Film/Visual Arts
High School GPA: 4.2
SAT/ACT Scores: n/a
SAT II Scores: n/a
College GPA: 4.0
Transferable GPA (if applicable): Not sure
Major GPA: Not sure
Hooks: Weird credits situation, explained in comments, IGETC not complete.
US/Intl: US
ECs: ASB in high school, volunteer work, worked for a newspaper as journalist and editor for four years, film festivals, YouTube videos, CSF officer
Applied for FA: Yes

Applied to: UCSD, UCSB, USC, Pitzer College
Rejected: UCSD, UCSB

Attending: Not sure yet. Waiting desperately for admissions decision.

Comments: I graduated high school a year early through the CHSPE. I will be transferring as a junior at freshman age. I started taking college classes as a freshman. 6 of my 60 credits are from UCSD, when I took a summer course there. I think this is the reason why I was denied from the UC’s. IGETC is not completed due to a negleint counselor who told me I didn’t have to take Political Science. So, I’m one class away from completing it.

Current college: Small State school in hometown
Entering as (soph/jr): Sophomore
Major: Geography/Environmental Conservation
High School GPA: 4.0
SAT/ACT Scores: 1300
College GPA: 4.0
Major GPA: 4.0
Hooks: My dad is an alumni of UMass, so maybe…?
US/Intl: U.S.
ECs: Internship with State Representative, Community Theatre, Concert Band (Bassoon), Former Cashier, Current Entertainment Job, Circle K, Honors College
Applied for FA: Yes

Applied to: Mount Holyoke, UNH, UMass Amherst
Accepted: UNH
Rejected: Mount Holyoke
Waitlisted: None

Attending: Unsure

Comments: Originally, I had a laundry list of schools I wanted to apply to. But as time went on, I realized the stress of course work on top of trying to finish applications meant I needed to prioritize a few applications. So I ended up with one reach, one match, and one safety. I may apply to Smith college but if I get into UMass I’m going to go there. I may not transfer because UNH would be costly as I’m oos, but I would prefer not to stay here. Good luck to everyone else! It’s a stressful process, but soon it will be over.

Current college: CC in New York City
Entering as (soph/jr): Not sure, most likely a Sophmore due to credits for a major
Major: Political Science/ International Affairs
High School GPA: 2.4-2.6
SAT/ACT Scores: 1350/2400 (OLD SATS)
SAT II Scores: N/A
College GPA: 3.86
Transferable GPA (if applicable): GPA does not transfer
Major GPA: 3.98
Hooks: First gen., Immigrant, Latina, low-income, story about overcoming hardships and non-traditional student.
US/Intl: US
Applied for FA: YES

ECs: Student Government, CUNY Board of Trustee member, tons of advocacy/lobbying experience, community and nonprofit organizer, volunteer hours, research published in city records/book and honors journal, a book being published end of the year, Executive leadership in a citywide well know higher ed. non-profit organization, awards for research written, wrote a bill that was passed into NYC law, internship with NYC Comptroller and NASAP, honors classes, selected to attend many conferences to present research on public policy and high education, successfully lobbied to gain over $1.3 billion ins state funding for public city colleges.

Applied to: American, Stanford, Wash St. Louis, , Vanderbilt, Hamilton, U of Miami, Northeastern, George Washington, Yale, Georgetown.

Accepted: Emory
Rejected: None
Waitlisted: None

Attending: N/A

Comments: I am waiting for other schools, getting super nervous. Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Emory, and Stanford are my top choice. Glad I got into Emory and will be paying my deposit next week to be safe if I don’t hear back from other colleges by then.

Update: got into UMass Amherst and will be attending there this fall

@Dogsshouldvote Congratulations!


Applied to: American, Stanford, Wash St. Louis, , Vanderbilt, Hamilton, U of Miami, Northeastern, George Washington, Yale, Georgetown.

Accepted: Emory, Washington St.louis, Hamilton, Georgetown and American

Rejected: Yale and Stanford (I sent them generic essays instead of school specific)

Waitlisted: Vanderbilt

Haven’t heard from: Northeastern, U of Miami and George Washington.

Attending: Georgetown, Go Hoyas!!!

Current College: University of Miami
HS GPA: 3.45
College GPA: 3.93
ACT: 33
Ethnicity: Pakistani

Applied to: Tufts, USC, NYU, Cornell, UPenn, Vanderbilt, Emory

Accepted: Tufts, USC, NYU

Waitlisted: Vanderbilt

Denied: Emory, UPenn

Still waiting for: Cornell

Current college: University of Tennessee Knoxville

Entering as a Junior

Major: Applied Mathematics (will be changing to Medicine, Health, and Society)

High School GPA: 3.4

ACT: 32

SAT II Scores: N/A

College GPA: 3.59

Transferable GPA: GPA does not transfer

Major GPA: 3.89

Hooks: None

US/Intl: US

ECs: Hooks: Founded a chapter for Volunteers Around the World at UT, led medical outreach trips in Vietnam, involved with research but was not published. Member of Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honor Society

Applied for FA: Yes, but did not send FA information until after decisions came out - truly need-blind.

Applied to: Only Vanderbilt
Accepted: Vanderbilt

Attending: I will be attending.

Comments: I definitely think my personal statement and EC essay was the largest contributor to my acceptance (very very school specific) as my stats were comparatively low. I was able to justify my GPA (both hs and college) well due to several health complications that have since been resolved. My LORs were exceptional and I had a personal recommender who is a current student at Vandy.

Current college: mid-30s level private university (boston college, tufts, etc)
Entering as (soph/jr): sophomore
Major: econ
High School GPA: 3.75
SAT/ACT Scores: 1540 (took 3x)
SAT II: 730 literature, 740 math 2
College GPA: 3.8

Accepted: northwestern, vanderbilt
Rejected: nyu stern, rice

Attending: northwestern

Comments: i completely underestimated the power of unique + specific essays in the application process during high school. this time around, i made sure to zone in on my interests, and i wasn’t worried about coming off as too “weird” in my essays. i wrote about myself authentically, and i think that came through. good luck to future applicants!

Current college: CC, honors program

Entering as (soph/jr): Junior

Major: Global Health

High School GPA: 3.8 unweighted // 4.9 weighted

College GPA: 3.96

Major GPA: 4.00

Hooks: URM, First-Gen, Jack Kent Cooke Transfer Scholar, Pre-Med

US/Intl: US

ECs: A lot, my strongest asset honestly – but I don’t feel comfortable sharing specifics. Lots of community service projects, global citizenship ECs, academic seminars centered around global issues, shadowing experience, and paid undergraduate research.

Letters of Rec: I had 8 letters from college professors and picked the best 4. 2 letters from physicians I shadowed and did research with and 1 from my academic advisor.

Applied for FA: Yes

Applied to: Listed below

Accepted: Swarthmore, Cornell, UPenn, USC, Emory, UM, UNC: Chapel Hill, NYU, Tulane, and GWU

Rejected: Stanford, Johns’ Hopkins, Boston College, Northwestern

Waitlisted: Duke, Columbia, Vanderbilt

Attending: Georgetown

Comments: To future transfer applicants: start your applications early! fall I’m so glad that I did.

Current college: T40
Entering as (soph/jr): Sophomore
Major: Political Science
High School GPA: 3.85 UW/4.28 W (doesn’t rank)
SAT/ACT Scores: 33 ACT
SAT II Scores: 730 US History (only sent to Rice & Brown)
College GPA: 4.0
Transferable GPA (if applicable): N/A
Major GPA: 4.0
Hooks: First-gen, but not sure how much this helped since the rest of my applicant shows that this hasn’t really put me at a disadvantage
ECs: Co-founded a non-profit, mock trial captain, other leadership positions, mock trial awards, student gov in HS and college, internships in HS and college
Applied for FA: No

Applied to: Georgetown, Davidson, Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Vanderbilt, Rice, Tufts, Brown, Northwestern, WUSTL

Accepted: Georgetown, Vanderbilt, Tufts, Rice, Wesleyan, Davidson, WUSTL

Rejected: Brown, Swarthmore, Northwestern

Waitlisted: N/A

Attending: Georgetown

Comments: Last year I applied to a lot of schools, and I was rejected/waitlisted from all the ones I wanted to attend. To get an idea of how random admissions is, the schools I applied to both this year and last year were Georgetown, Northwestern, WUSTL, Brown, and Vandy. I was rejected from all of them last year. This year, I was accepted to Georgetown, Vandy, and WUSTL and rejected again from Brown and Northwestern. Keep working hard and don’t give up.

I used to religiously look at CC both in high school and last summer. I was hoping to get into just one school, and I’d be happy. I was ecstatic every time I opened an acceptance letter this year. Choosing a school was hard, but I’m super happy about where I’m headed.

Please feel free to PM regarding transferring, your application, etc. because I know there’s not nearly as much info out there about transferring as there is for first-year admissions.

Congrats to everyone that’s headed somewhere they love. Good luck to any future applicants reading this!

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Current college: Community College (CA)

Entering as a Sophomore (Choosing to relinquish credit)

Major: Anthro & Environmental Policy


College GPA: 4.0 (completed college honors, TAP for UCLA, IGETC, etc)

US/Intl: US (immigrant - dual citizenship)

ECs: PTK Pres, Published, Presented research, Non-Trad, Parent, State-level policy work, loads of volunteer work, UCLA CCCP, UCB TAP, UCB SPMP

Applied for FA: Yes (Best FA Offers were from Berkeley, Brown, and Williams, worst were Cal State and UCLA)

Applied to: Cal State, UCSC, UCB, UCLA, Amherst, Brown, Swarthmore, Williams, Yale

Accepted: All except Swarthmore (Waitlisted)

Attending: 99% certain it’ll be Williams

Comments: I had my essays checked for grammar and clarity but resisted changes to content because I felt that it was more important that I represented myself accurately than that I changed what I focused on to fit within the box the transfer advisors expected. I felt that it was better to be rejected for who I am than accepted for someone I am not; this worked out well for me. I am in my mid-thirties with a teenage daughter, I immigrated to the US in my twenties, my husband and I are transferring together and got into all of the same colleges. I have a couple of decades of work experience outside of my field and have traveled extensively. I think that this breadth of experience contributed to our unexpected success across the various types of colleges to which we chose to apply.