** Official Acceptances and Rejections 2008 **

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[ *] Essays:
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<p>Guess I'll start it off</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted</p>

[<em>] SAT: 1780 Math - 620, RC - 570, WR - 590
[</em>] ACT: N/A
[<em>] SAT IIs: US History - 450, Literature - 450
[</em>] GPA: 3.82
[<em>] Rank: 2/7
[</em>] Other stats: N/A
[<em>] Essays: One of a kind
[</em>] Teacher Recs: N/A
[<em>] Counselor Rec: N/A
[</em>] Hook (if any): Essays, come from an extremely rural area, go to a tiny school (24 student), and my ECs
[/ul][ b]Location/Person:[ul]
[<em>] State or Country: California
[</em>] School Type: Public
[<em>] Ethnicity: Caucasian (Middle Eastern)
[</em>] Gender: Male
ECs: High scorer in County poetry slam, Editor of high school magazine, Math and HTML tutor, Created social networking website
**General Comments:

<p>theres already a post like this.</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted</p>

[<em>] College/Major Applied To: Business Management Economics
[</em>] Fee Waiver Used?: No
[<em>] SAT I (by section): 530 R, 600 M, 610 W
[</em>] SAT IIs: 590 Math II, 480 US History
[<em>] GPA, Weighted and Unweighted: 3.39 W, 3.06 UW, 3.24 UC
[</em>] Rank: 131/652
[<em>] ACT: 27
[</em>] APs (including this year's): World History, US History, Chemistry, Art History, Language, Literature, Physics, Statistics, Government
[<em>] IBs (including this year's: None
[</em>] Senior Yr Courseload: Very Strong, 4 APs, 6 classes total
[<em>] Number of Apps from Your School: Tons, I live in So Cal
[</em>] Other stats (Awards, etc.): MVP for JV tennis, CSF
[<em>] ECs listed on app: Tennis, Cultura Latina, Debate, Key Club, Internship (related to my major), Chinese Tutoring
[</em>] Job/Work Experience: Internship at Kron Communications
[<em>] Essays (subject and responses): Awesome essays, rewrote it a billion times
[</em>] Hook (TASP, RSI, Research, etc.):
[<em>] State or Country: CA
[</em>] School Type, Average Stats of School (if available): Fairly competitive
[<em>] Ethnicity: Chinese
[</em>] Gender: Male
[<em>] Income Bracket: Around 40k
[</em>] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): first gen college, low income
[<em>] Strengths: ACT score and ECs
[</em>] Weaknesses: low GPA
[li] Why you think you were accepted/wait listed/denied: Because I gave an effort to raise my GPA during junior year and had great ECs throughout HS.[/li][/ul]Other Factors:
General Comments/Congratulations/Venting/Commiserations,etc: I feel great right now. I've been accepted to UCD and UCSC so far</p>

<p>Yay For Ucsc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dddddddddd</p>