Official ACT Thread for the Oct. 23rd test!

<p>I'll be taking the act for the first time on the 23rd...I'm not quite sure what to expect.</p>

<p>First of all, i've heard the curve is terrible... How bad is it really?</p>

<p>Also, is the actual test somewhere in between the princeton review and the barrons practice tests?</p>

<p>Any tips?</p>

<p>Yeah ive got ACT oct. 23 also....well yeah the curve is pretty terrible, but in my opinion, the questions are much easier especially in critical reading and in writing than even the PSAT. science is actually not that abd when u focues a little, and math goes over some higher stuff than SAT but its not all that bad.</p>

<p>im in the same boat as you guys...stupid now im takin ACT. fun.
I know i can get in the upper 30's in math, as long as i dont make dumb mistakes...ACT math is so much easier than SAT math</p>

<p>I am hecka going for a 36 on it though, and if im right, fewer people get 36's than 1600's right?</p>

<p>Yeah, not too many people get 36s. I just took the official "english practice test" and i got 70/75, but i only used 30 minutes or so and didn't go back and check my answers. That gives me a 31 for that section...Damn it. I always make stupid mistakes!!!</p>

<p>The curve is harsher so a 36 is rarer, you can see bilions of people with 1600's on this site, but few have a 36 sat, good luck to all</p>

<p>There were 224 people who scored a 36 on the ACT in 2003 compared to 939 people who scored a 1600 on the SAT in 2003.</p>

<p>A 36 puts you in the highest .019% and a 1600 puts you in the highest .066%.</p>

<p>Word Of Advice For Act: Budget Your Freaken Time. You Literally Have Like Say ~45 Seconds Per Question. And One More Thing, There's No Guessing Penalty. I Was A Dumbass And Left 5 Blanks The Last Time I Took It In Every Section Because I Didn't Have Enough Time To Take It. I Still Ended Up With A 32... Sighs... Those 5 May Have Been The Difference Between A 32 And A 35...</p>


<p>I'm retaking the ACT this time around. I scored a 28 the first time and am aiming for 30+ this time. What did you guys do to prepare? I have the Princeton review pack; maybe I should stop being lazy and take my last three tests? Anyhow, the thing is that I always seem to make stupid mistakes. I keep telling myself to go for the obvious answers on most reading/science questions because ACT questions aren't really too deep. Any tips? Please? =p</p>

<p>Is the 24th test going to be the same as 23rd?</p>

<p>Please someone!?!?! Am i going to have the same test as the one on the 23rd if i take it on the 24th?</p>

<p>The practice test on the ACT website is rediculously easy. Please tell me the test is actually like this? I just have to focus on not making any stupid mistakes now!</p>