**Official APUSH Scores Thread**

Post all relevant information here.</p>

I think there’s a broader thread where people will post all of their scores.</p>

Well, I know that but I thought I would make one for just this test since it’s so popular. Why would we be talking about AP biology scores and APUSH scores in the same thread? That’s insanity!</p>

Lol, APUSH wasn’t that bad. I got a 4 on it last year. The teacher was hard and made sure to hammer the facts into his student’s skulls into memory. The essay was pretty easy, but some of the multiple choice was hard.</p>

^ Did you take it again this year…?</p>

^I doubt it.</p>

Why would I? Not with Nelson again, ugh. He has good intentions, but it pretty scary.</p>

Is Nelson the proctor?</p>

Eh? No, teacher.</p>

lol Apush this year imo was kinda hard. The MC really screwed me up. I hope I get a 5…</p>

^Thought it was easy, only the DBQ blew me off. I stupidly assumed there wouldn’t be a DBQ past like, the 50s, and barely studied anything to do with Reagan, hence my DBQ score is a 6 at MOST.</p>

Yeah, that was insane. They did a Nixon one not too long ago…I thought it was progressives/guilded age/any of the wars so I studied those crazy then saw Nixon and started freakign out because I never EVER studied Nixon…</p>

I loved the Nixon DBQ because we were currently studying the Cold War Era.</p>

Yeah, we were too but we didnt get to nixon’s presidency and that’s what it was on. I feel like that’s a bad dbq topic because most classes don’t get to nixon…</p>

Hmm, our class was determined to get to the present before the AP test. After it, we basically reviewed for a midterm and a final exam.</p>

You actually got to Obama? Wow, that’s a fast class!</p>

It’s more like we learned a lot about Reagan and a little about everyone else. The only thing about Obama we learned was that he won the 2008 election. The only other time he was mentioned was when she was talking about other presidents who advocated health care reform(Truman, Johnson, etc.). However, we had to finish reading our textbook before the AP test, and it ended in 2006 with the midterm elections.</p>

Nice, i’m pretty nervous about this test though. Which essays did you do?</p>

I did the ones about political parties and immigration(the opposite of most people, from what I’ve gathered).</p>

Yeah, I did political parties and black reformers. Do you know when the scores are out?</p>