Official Barnard 2012 Transfer Thread

<p>To those that applied for Fall 2012 transfer to Barnard-- lets make this thread to post official decisions/updates regarding applications...
Fingers crossed!</p>

<p>hey!! I am a fellow transfer applicant! Can't wait to hear back!</p>

<p>I called admissions on Friday because the website said decisions would be released May 15th...but by mail unless you're an international applicant. I am so nervous!</p>

<p>i know we have a long wait !</p>

<p>when did everyone send in their applications//what are your majors?</p>

<p>@cbbtrans i saw your post in the NYU thread. did you apply to stern as well?</p>

<p>I submitted my application on the last day possible (March 15th). I'm majoring in psychology.</p>

<p>I came in here to make a lesbian joke but now I can't think of any.</p>

<p>BrettMess: I send in my application on the very last day possible but supplement documents were sent about 1 week ahead of time. I live in NY and am an international student currently at a CC. On the tracking, it appears that i still have a lot of things missing. I called them and emailed them and what they said was that the tracking isn't accurate and I should wait for them to contact me. I'm just really really nervous!</p>

<p>@ GregFields
I don't want to jump on you but your comment seemed to contribute nothing to the discussion. It also perpetuates a stereotype that leads some girls to feel self-conscious about applying to all girls institutions due to the stigma that may accompany such a decision.</p>

<p>submitted the 13th or 14th of march! Comm major from SoCal! good luck to us all</p>

<p>What is everyones major?</p>

<p>I apologize. I don't actually understand why Barnard is a female only school, and it bothers me because I probably would have applied there otherwise. First time I've ever been ashamed of my manliness :&lt;/p>

<p>Comm Major!</p>

<p>What is "comm"? Communications? I didn't know Barnard offered that major.</p>

<p>hey guys! I'm also looking to transfer in as a junior! I am sooo unbelievably nervous, words cannot describe the pain I'm in from waiting!
where is everyone transferring from?</p>

<p>no css im a poli sci major . Did u hear back yet ?</p>

<p>Ugh so I heard that housing is not guaranteed for fall transfers? So if you commit to going and then don't get housing...what do you do?</p>

<p>First step: finding out if were accepted or rejected
all the rest will fall in place!</p>

Wow, that was a mature reply that I wasn't necessarily expecting. I saw you were also on the NYU transfer thread and were just accepted as an econ major. Congratulations and the apology was appreciated.</p>