Official Berkeley Appeals for Fall 2010

<p>Saturday was the deadline, so if you haven't submitted it yet, you're too late. Got mine in on Friday, got there on Saturday. MyBerkeleyApp hasn't updated yet (probably because they don't work weekends).</p>

<p>Has anyone heard anything back yet?</p>

<p><em>fingers crossed</em></p>

<p>Nothing yet, sent mine out on Friday. Don't think they've gotten it yet.</p>

<p>I'm in LA.</p>

<p>I'm in San Diego. They're probably going to get a flood of appeals on Monday/Tuesday so I'm not expecting myberkeleyapp to update for a while.</p>

<p>i sent mine in on tuesday, got confirmation they received it on wednesday, and my myberkeley app was updated thursday. a friend of mine had hers update a day after they received it too.</p>

<p>it might take longer because like celesbian said, they probably receive a lot more early next week.</p>

<p>I sent mine through the mail 1 hour after I got my rejection (missing prereqs)'s been a while so I don't remember when the website updated for me (it is updated showing that they got the letter though), but I'm assuming I'll be one of the first to hear back because I sent it the day I got the rejection.</p>

<p>can someone post up a screenshot of the updated myberkeley app for appeals?</p>


<p>What was the basis for your appeal? I'm writing about a medical issue that I didn't touch on in my application.</p>

<p>For anyone else using a medical issue (i.e. depression, death in the family) at the basis of your appeal, remember, you must have documentation (last line below). From: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>"5. What criteria does the campus use in evaluating appeals?"</p>

<p>"Berkeley gives a comprehensive review to include all new information to each application for which an appeal is submitted. Successful appeals generally supply significant and/or compelling new information not contained in the original application. Berkeley also considers documented instances of personal hardship such as serious illness in the applicant or family."</p>

<p>Here is the Appeal Update on myberkeley app:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>@ celesbian
I appealed under econ after being rejected for Business Admin (probably for 2 missing prereqs)...I have all the prereqs done for econ. I know it's an unorthodox appeal, but I'm a UC-UC transfer where they didn't offer the prereqs for Spring Quarter (when I planned to take them)...I don't have my hopes up.</p>

The basis of my appeal was being accepted into a Neuroscience Research internship/scholarship at UC Berkeley this summer, living on campus and conducting research with Berkeley professors.</p>

thank you!</p>

<p>@everyone else
good luck on the appeals!</p>

<p>I'm not appealing, but good luck to everyone! They were a bit slow in decisions last year...but who knows!</p>

<p>i'm canceling my SIR tomorrow, so maybe that'll give room to one of you guys! :)</p>

<p>thank you, HigherHopes.</p>

<p>Let's get those SIR's in everyone :)</p>

<p>@celesbian, my basis was a death in the family after i sent in my UC application that affected my fall 2009 grades, and believe me i sent in documentation.</p>

<p>@ollieshuvitz Sorry to hear that. You definitely helped your chances providing documentation. I think lots of people write about stress, depression, family issues, etc. n their appeals with nothing really to back it up. Even if it's true, I think appeals w/o documentation are auto-rejects for Berkeley.</p>

<p>@sandaboy Thanks for the screenshot</p>

<p>You're welcome...and good luck to all of you! :)</p>

<p>Sent mine in on Thursday, they received it today, no myberkeleyapp update yet. Good luck to everybody!</p>

<p>c'mon, I know lots of other people appealed to Cal for the Fall Semester. </p>

<p>Anyone have any updated appeal numbers? The only ones I can find are from 2004 (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;)&lt;/p>

<p>500 Transfer Appeals, 56 admits (10 fall; 46 spring) = 11.2%</p>

<p>I wonder if that 500 number includes Spring admits who appealed to be admitted to Fall?</p>

<p>Oh yeah, no change yet on myberkeleyapp</p>

<p>I had to re-read that post! I thought it was from last fall, haha. </p>

<p>Yes that number does include the Fall/Spring appeals. </p>

<p>Good luck to everyone appealing. myBerkeleyapp will update soon.</p>