Official Bucknell Class of 2023!

Congrats to all!!!

Hello all! Accepted to Arts and Science, Physics program. I live in Pa. Planning on applying for STEM scholar program and interested in residential living dorm program. Haven’t decided if I want to room with a bunch of math/science geeks or theater nerds.
In case anyone needs this for figuring their chances out, here are my stats:

4.0 unweighted. 97.something cumulative grade average. 100.75 weighted. NHS and 4 subject honor societies. Mostly honors classes and 5 total AP. Class rank 12 out of 136. Debate, chorus, chorale, math club, envirothon, boy scout, a ton of community theatre and a lot of community service.

Forgot: SAT 680 Reading 770 Math.

@Bisonorbust Go for the Arts Residential College. Theater nerds rock! Seriously, my D graduated from Bucknell this past May. She was in ArtsRes for two years. Great mix of people from the arts majors to engineers to management majors. Really fun common hour activities. The theater dept is a wonderful community there that welcomes all kinds so if you are interested in being involved either on stage or behind the scenes there is room for you. She had several theater friends who were computer science or other non arts majors who were very involved.

That group would likely be more adventurous and outgoing. I am actually pretty quiet and easygoing but I have always enjoyed being around my loud and energetic theatre friends. Thanks for the great advice.

What exactly is the Arts Residential College? Is that a residence hall? What are the other options?

hi guys, I am an international student who just got accepted to Arts and Science, Computer Science program with a good package. A little bit off-topic but I was wondering if there is a certain minimum GPA requirement to maintain so that I won’t be rescinded (Most senior students in my high school are studying for our country’s University Entrance Exam so our courses have been very intense to prepare for it. Since I got accepted, I won’t be taking the test but I still have to complete the courses).
Anyway, congrats to all!!

Anyone have instagram?

Sorry, levin, I do not know the answer to that but I think the college expects everyone to continue to do about the same trajectory. No huge dips for us in the states anyways. What country are you from?

Did anyone else get their packets? Turns out I got a science scholarship but part of it is joining the Discovery Residental College. So it looks like fellow math and science geeks it is.

Hi Bisonorbust, I’m from Vietnam. My high school is one of the top 3 in my country, and they try very hard to make sure that all students will do well in the University Entrance Exam. Senior courses have been increasingly difficult, and the workload is almost insane. The school has a reputation to maintain, and most people here are obsessed with the exam so it’s understandable I guess.

My advice would just continue to do the best you can without pushing yourself into a mental breakdown since you have some breathing room. Congrats on your admission!

If anyone hears or got invited already to the Dean and Presidential merit programs, can you please let others know. It says the invites come with the acceptance letter but I don’t think that may be true for ED students. Thanks.

Bisonb, congratulations on your science scholarship!! Did you apply for that?

We have been holding our breath, hoping there’s still a chance at merit-based aid, but there was nothing in my son’s acceptance packet regarding this, and as you mentioned Bucknell’s website says it would arrive together. Time will tell.

Thanks, thinker. I am fairly certain I got it because of my family’s income and joining the Physics program. It involves 10 weeks of summer research, which is the STEM Scholars program I am interested in. If your son was able to get it, I’m sure he would have because he is in the school of engineering.

I believe you can apply for the summer research part of it on the college website. You basically get to do research with a professor full time for 5 weeks from the end of June and throughout July. It comes with a stipend for food and living expenses but unless you have expensive tastes, one should be able to save some of it and use it for college books and such. Getting accepted as a Presidential Fellow is very rare but I would love the 6 to 8 hours of research weekly during the semester with a stipend and the opportunity to work closely with a physics prof during my time there. I would much rather be a lab rat than a burger flipper during the semester to earn money.

I know you said this is very important to your son, so I suggest if it is a possible day trip for you that you take the time to go in person to the financial aid office and admissions office with your questions. It is hard because if you don’t get the merit aid and you are counting on it, you’re minimally out the $500 dollar deposit. I live close enough that I’ve been to the college enough times that admissions knows me by name, I visited the financial aid office once with questions, and that time, we went to visit a professor in Olin and his wife/prof saw me, remembered my name, asked my mom if she was coming to parent weekend and why I wasn’t in physics 211. It was pretty cool that she thought I was a senior the year before just by talking with me. If you go for the day, do email and meet with some of the engineering professors. They work in the summers and sometimes when school is not in session for the students. I believe that if you show the school how much your son cares and how important it is to him, they may be more willing to work with you. Everyone was really so nice to me and I think it helped a lot that they had a face to go with the name.

is there a Facebook group yet?

kpw2000: there is an Instagram page for Bucknell Class of '23. It’s bucknellu23.

Some of the accepted students info on Bucknell’s website has been updated for class of 2023! I

Bisonorbust: Can you provide a link to the recently posted accepted students information for the class of 2023? I wasn’t able to find it. Thanks!

I think they took it down. The book for example said Station Eleven and that they will send us a copy around the beginning of summer. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be public yet. I don’t remember the other exact changes. Hopefully once Ed 2 get their results, more info will be updated.