Official Bucknell ED 1 2024 Thread

Hey guys ! So I’m starting a thread for all the peeps who applied early decision 1 to bucknell . I applied and my stats are :
Class rank :2/105
Good grades in high school
ECAs include a research paper , art and manga, volunteering , teaching assistant , etc.
let’s discuss any questions related to Bucknell ED for 2024
what are you stats?

My stats are around 3.9 UW / 4.18 W GPA with a 1340 SAT (650 R&W, 690 M). Pretty good extracurriculars - President of Key Club, Secretary of NHS, Varsity sport, Hospital volunteer, etc.
Anyone know when decisions come out??

3.3 UW 32 ACT praying I get in

ECs nice as well, varsity 4 years, volunteer at library, green team, school tour guide, amassed a large following on insta- social media influencing, lifeguard, work for a nonprofit cancer organization.

Hope my gpa doesn’t screw me

last year ED came out on Wednesday, December 12th. Any clue when its released this year?

prob same date I heard 9pm also

Bucknell is my top choice and I’m super nervous.
How do you know if you got in though ? I saw a few people say the admissions office keeps reaching out if you are accepted. I don’t know I feel super anxious now.

Also did anyone apply for the merit scholarships? Did you guys hear back about it?

I’m guessing we just find out on the portal on December 12th at 9PM?

I got emails today that the dean will be going for an instagram q and A

It has come out on a Wednesday the past two years in a row…so might be this Wednesday. Does anyone know how they notify us about this?

I read that we find out on December 15, not sure though.

December 15th is the planned date but in previous years they released it earlier than that.

On their insta story it said it comes out this Monday ?
Can anyone call or mail them and ask

they emailed me with q&a times for monday and tuesday- i think that they might have been announcing that on their ig story, not release dates.

Dude there is nothing on their insta stories rn

Everyone spam the bucknell ig story question with “when will ED results come out”

On it aye aye let’s go gang

It says it’s releasing the 18th?? That’s so late

YEAh man we spammed them xD
But I am so disappointed
I have to wait 8 more days … this is just so disappointing…