Official CC Poker Thread

<p>Anyone else on here play. I learned to play about a year ago (got serious over Christmas Break) and play in an occasional 10 dollar single table tourny with friends. I also play on Full Tilt Poker (when I don't have a ton of hw (very rare)) and a program known as Poker Academy (with poki artificial intelligence). I am really getting into it and cannot wait to turn 21 and play out in Vegas. Currently, I am learning strategy using Dan Harringtons Tournament No Limit Holdem Book.</p>

<p>Anyone else play? Have WSOP Main Event aspirations ;)?</p>

<p>I always win at poker. But I'm not hardcore like you. lol</p>

<p>Yea I normally play $20-40 buyin tournies with friends.</p>

<p>I watched my friend win $315 in 16 minutes the other day on Party Poker. I watched him lose $498 in a little over an hour the next day. Fortunately he hasn't even cashed in anything so that $498 was in theory all profit.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say I'm hardcore. i don't play that much. I just wanted to get more knowledge of the game and such, thats why I'm reading Harringtons book</p>

<p>Bump, II'm playing next Saturday, wish me luck</p>

<p>good luck :) don't gamble away your soul.</p>

It cost ten bucks to play</p>

<p>My soul = $20</p>

<p>As you can see I'm fine</p>

<p>I play $10-20 tourneys with my friends...I busted out online playing over my bankroll (I had built it up to be able to play 3/6 limit comfortably, but played at 10/20 way too much). I'm going to be much smarter about it this year. </p>

<p>I consider myself a good player with a poor approach to the "big picture" of winning slowly and consistently over time.</p>

<p>edit: don't gamble away half your soul.</p>

<p>Well see, I sort of sold my soul for a donut last month, so really doesn't matter, but as for myself, I'm really still a begginner I haven't played online for cash yet (that will change when I turn 18) but I am getting decent at the game, I have only won a home game once, and some of it had to do with luck. But other than that, I 'm getting a lot from harringtons book.</p>

<p>I sold my soul last month for a croissant. We have so much in common..</p>

<p>Finally a poker thread...</p>

<p>The most addictive game.. Dont know if its just my dorm, but we end up playing atleast every second day if not more frequently..</p>

<p>Ahh... waiting for when i play the WSOP</p>

<p>Poker is awesome. One of my best friends got me hooked on it. I can't stop playing. Its amazing, we play during recess at school, during class, afterschool etc. We even wanted to start a poker club... but since it involved gambling we weren't allowed. Most of our tournies have a $30 buy in. I've made about $100 playing with friends during school, and about $500 in friday tournaments. yay for poker...and other gambling games</p>