****Official Clark University Class of 2021 EA thread****

It’s strange that there were no threads before this for Clark 2021.
Anyway, I’m an international student who applied to Clark for Physics.
SAT 1410(if it matters)

When do decisions come out?

any applicants yo?

Applicant here, eagerly waiting for EA results to come out.

I think decisions come out between 12/14 and 12/17.

Hello! I applied early action for International Relations!

@brismith215 Awesome man, I applied for French and Poli Sci

My D got an email today saying that decisions would be out the evening of the 16th. Good luck!!

i got the same today too.
good luck to everyone

Can you pls add your stats when you update your decision. Thank you!

@hily no prob. I’ll add my stats

I applied EA for math! Waiting for Friday…

If you got accepted, would you go? is it your first choice?

It’s not my first choice, but I think they might give me some merit aid so that would be nice. How about you?

I got in early tonight!!! An admissions officer called me and told me I was in and that I’d see the change officially tomorrow evening! This was so unexpected and I’m really happy! If you got any calls with a Worcester area code that’s probably it! Good luck everyone!!!

I got in early tonight as well! Clark isn’t my top choice but it’s definitely in the running! Good luck to everyone else and maybe I’ll see you there in the fall!

Did anyone receive a personal video email message from an admissions officer a couple weeks ago indicating that decisions will come out in the middle of December?

Accepted! Got the call today.

I missed a call from Worcester at around 7 EST— really hoping that I can get in!
Do they usually only call for acceptances? Just curious -

@springreturning It looks like last year they only called some people, and others just found out through the portal.

They called me around 6 tonight! I thought that was such a nice touch!

@nhgirl88 Ah, cool!

I’m wondering how exactly they decide who to call… random? And since I actually missed the call, I’m still paranoid that they might have called to reject/defer me. Does that ever happen? Or maybe it was coincidentally another random number from Worcester. yIKES

Not my first choice, but I’d definitely love to attend ;v;