****Official Clark University Class of 2022 EA thread****

Starting this thread for Clark University EA applicants. DS submitted his EA application this week so looking for others to share there results here.

My daughter is submitting her application this week. Fingers crossed!

Great! Best of luck. Hopefully there will be more students. Will you be applying to the special merit programs?

Good luck to your child as well. Hoping for merit but not applying to LEEP. She probably should but she’s a bit overwhelmed with school and all the other essays she needs to write so the additional process seems like too much for her. How about your child?

Ditto for my child - the focus has been on finalizing the remainder of the applications.

Just applied EA!

Great - welcome and good luck!

DS received his answer today, and he’s in :slight_smile: So suprised we heard so early! Nice merit award. I love this school…we’ll see what happens! Good luck to everyone!

@kjs1992 Congrats! When did you apply? Our good news from the school today was the app was completed as DS had been waiting for counselor to send transcripts.

@magnetnh - he sent his stuff in on Common App on Oct. 10th, all of his supplemental materials were sent by the GC on 10/23 (transcript, recs). Really shocked we found out so fast.

how exciting, congrats!

Well, since reading about one EA acceptance already (yay @kjs1992 DS), I’ve been obsessed, thinking my DD might get some news soon (she sent in app 10/22). I know they say decisions don’t roll out til December… but that doesn’t stop me from hoping/wondering/obsessing… (I need a life).

Just applied EA, anyone trying for the LEEP scholarship?? Good luck to all who applied !!

My DS sent his application in August. We’re waiting too! I didn’t know they sent out EA decisions so early. The website says mid-December. Has anyone else heard?

A question, did any of you receive a letter in the mail from a current student saying how much they like Clark and why your child should go there? My DS got that, but no decision yet…

@mcohavi My daughter (who applied 10/22) did not get such a note from a student!

Yes, my son received a note. No word on an admissions decision yet, however.

No note - still waiting on decisions.

Heyyyyy. Have your kiddos check their admissions portals… I see my DD has a “Status Update” but I can’t click on it because she’s not home! Not sure if she’s gotten an email about it… at school. We’ll see in an hour or so when she gets home to click!

Ha! She just texted me from school - got an email to check her portal. She’s in! And the recipient of the Traina Scholarship - $20,000/yr. Mama’s celebrating tonight.