Official December 10th ACT Discussion Thread

<p>Less than 10 hours away! What are your thoughts, worries, or expectations?</p>

<p>What day will scores be posted online?</p>

<p>I got a 29 last time, I hope I break 30 (superscore).
My reading and science scores last time were low (25 and 26), I hope I can bring them up.</p>

<p>I am stressing right now. This is going to be my first time taking it, and i am worried for Science and Math.</p>

<p>Why am I still awake? 32 2 months ago, hoping for a 34 this time around!</p>

<p>I'm a little apprehensive as it will be my first time, but I'm also very excited to KILL it! :D Real ACT Prep Guide - do your magic!</p>

<p>December 26th scores should be posted online.</p>

<p>Good luck you guys!</p>

<p>Will be my first time taking it... expecting a 30-32.
Also I have a question, will this ACT score be in time for colleges with Janauary 1st for their application deadlines?</p>


<p>I have taken the test twice and both times I got my score back in about 14 days. However, since that puts us at Christmas it might be slightly delayed so I would go with akshars answer and guess that scores would be ready online by December 26. Don't trust the online site on when your scores will be ready, I have found that mine are ready about a week before they predict it to be. With that being said, I am not entirely sure if you need to wait for your paper copy to come in the mail for an official report or if your high school will have your scores when online or paper scores are available. You will be cutting your timing EXTREMELY short. Make sure you have your applications completed and rec forms and essays all done and in a packet so once those scores are ready you can send everything out immediately. Good luck!</p>

<p>Will be my first time ever... SO NERVOUS! (I am a PSAT/SAT person, not an ACT person)</p>

<p>Expecting a 30-33, hoping for a 34+!!!</p>

<p>Good luck, guys! May the odds be ever in your favor!</p>

<p>Finished it 2 hours ago (international).. Got so stressed out at one point because i couldnt finish within time :( got perfect scores on the reading section for the practice tests i did, but now i missed some since for some obscure reason time went 10x faster than normally..</p>

<p>How was it? Easier/Tougher/Same as whats in the real act ?</p>

<p>Son said science was awful. This is his second time taking it and he thought science had much more reading required (couldn't just look at the charts).</p>

<p>Perhaps the scale on the science section will be generous. Just curious how his scores in science were on the real act guide or his previous attempt. Thx</p>

<p>Just curious, how did you guys study for it?</p>

<p>D studied from the real act guide and some past practice tests. Felt comfortable going in, we'll see...</p>

<p>Got ****ed on science...</p>

<p>@wcclirl444 </p>

<p>same here...</p>

<p>Was science an order of magnitude tougher than tests on the real act guide? What did you folks average in science on the real guide?</p>