Official December 10th ACT Math Discussion

<p>Post your thoughts on the Math part of the exam here.</p>

<p>Answer to the log question: logX^2-2</p>

<p>Feel free to post any others</p>

<p>What did you guys get for the meep problem?</p>

<p>It was something like:
all A's are B
all C's are B
all D's are A</p>

<p>Did you get all D's are A for the answer?</p>

<p>6x4? Why?...
4•2=8 8+6=12... Didn't he used 36?
I remember putting that one down as like C...</p>

<p>Remember only three sides...
Glad I got the log right I was kinda unsure on recalling my log</p>

<p>what was the answer to the math question where it asked the common differences of something that is directly proportional to something else? It was like a ball bouncing or something like that.</p>

<p>6x24 , and yeah it was all D's are B was the answer</p>


<p>therefore, D>B</p>

<p>geometric by 2/3 , once it said directly proportional you know it deals with mult. / division, so therefore it had to be geometric, and since you were starting from the highest point, it was 2/3 instead of 3/2</p>

<p>@Pobthiti sorry that was a typo. I misremembered part of the question. Anyone know what it asked?</p>

<p>ya i got 2/3 also for the ball bouncing one</p>

<p>@cc since you started from the high point wouldn't it be 3:2</p>

<p>I can confirm the last 2 answers given by cc123sb</p>

<p>no, it's always decreasing on its subsequent bounces</p>

<p>what did u guys get for the two rectangles with height h need the same something</p>

<p>i put volume cuz they have the same height and same base area</p>

<p>same volumes</p>

<p>ok nice and also for the painter garage one for the first of the three problems what was the height of the garage, the money taht would cost for 36 bundles and the min amount of bundles i think for 2 coat paints</p>

<p>hardest one on math was definitely calculating the tip</p>

<p>Was the answer to the log question C? I don't remember the answer, just that I put C.</p>

<p>wasn't the log question x^2-2x</p>

<p>Yeah, I cried when I saw that one.</p>