Official Deferred Students Thread

<p>Anyone else get deferred? Now we gotta wait in suspense for another 2.5 months :( I am bummed but we still have a chance. </p>

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<p>Deferred!.....again. I thought I was going to get denied but theres hope I guess. What are our chances now that weve been deferred?</p>

<p>Same here, it was more of a reach for me so i was expecting a rejection. I don't know the statistics, but i can't imagine that they are good.</p>

<p>I got deferred too...ugh.</p>

<p>Our state rep told us that if you get deferred you should call your state rep and they'll walk you through your deferral - they'll tell you what you need to do to and everything and what they're missing to keep from accepting you, and try to get you to get an acceptance.</p>

<p>I got deferred too :(</p>

<p>Honestly, not to sound like a douchbag, but I'm pretty surprised I was defered too considering some accepted people's stats.</p>

<p>I have 3.8 UW gpa - school does not have weighted gpa
top 10%
sat: 1930- 600m, 630 r, 700 w
sat 2: 760 lit, 600 math 1
have taken all honors and AP lit, AP Psych and AP euro this year (my school only offers 8 ap's and I'm not a math/ science person) </p>

<p>100 plus service hours per year
president and founder of club
reserch assistant for published author
varsity sport
student gov officer
and other ec's</p>

<p>teacher reccomendations made me cry
didn't see college counsellors though
essays I thought were good/ very heartfet</p>

<p>I guess my scores weren't good enough? I also didn't show any interest or visit?
Did not apply for financial aid and live in nj and go to private school. </p>

<p>I was accepted with Merrit to tulane and accepted to umaryland and defered from my Ed (barnard)</p>

<p>oh well, congrats to those accepted! Maybe I'll take livetodive's advice </p>

<p>Oh well, guess it's better than a rejection</p>

<p>hey im deferred too but from ED - does anyone know the admissions rate for deferred students? and if most of them end up getting in or not?</p>


<p>but everyone stay positive! they kept us in the applicant pool for a reason</p>