Official Early Action / Early Decision Thread for Fall 2023

Can you please add Duke? I do not see one.

@CCPenguin, just added it now.

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Did someone add TCU?

Yes, also looking for TCU


Me too - TCU?!

Just added TCU! — TCU Early Admissions 2023


Clemson came out yesterday!

case western reserve university “EA” 2023 results date?

Dec 20

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Is there a Umass Amherst thread? If not could it be added? Thanks.

UMass Amherst Class of 2027 EA thread I’m not sure if I’m linking it correctly lol hope it works

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Where do i look for this list pls ? I want to have a look and search for my college

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Swipe to the beginning of this thread

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Is there a thread for USC early action?

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The UI interface is not very clean for a new user hence trying to explain it , on right side you see a line with date, that is actually a scroll bar, or else on the to next to the CC click on the topic link to go to top.

when I came back after 5 years I was lost on the user interface, now I have figured it out.

Is there a thread for University of Denver EA?

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Is there a thread for USC EA? They started EA first time. If not can we create one please?

i was looking for that as well I didnt see one. I dont know how to start one or I would