Official Early Action Thread

<p>Hey everyone! Ok, for anyone who's applying (or considering applying) early action: have you sent your stuff in yet? How do you feel about your chances? How do you feel about getting the app and stuff out of your hands? Any other feelings? Did you send any supplemental stuff? Did you want an e-mail decision? Do you want to know whether or not you got in?</p>

<p>I have yet to send in my app...I'll procrastinate until Monday. After I've done that, I'll be able to tell you everything else.</p>

<p>are you in Lousiana or Los Angeles?</p>

<p>Louisiana........(why the character limit?!)</p>

<p>There already is a "Harvard EA" thread... but I'm a sucker for CC, so I'll post again.</p>

<p>I sent in my stuff online Oct 15, my school sent in their stuff last week. I sent a newspaper article of mine in as sort of a half supplemental essay, half "other" work. Very glad I'm done, but sort of wishing I had changed a few things on my app... it doesn't really have an overlying "theme" to it. I'm getting an email decision; I want to know ASAP if I'm in or not.</p>

<p>sent in stuff nov 1...whoo! procrastinators abound!</p>

<p>soo i sent my stuff in on sunday...approx 3 pm ! lol i sent it online & indicated that i wanted an email response....i felt so happy to have that darn thing outta my hands! i spent nearly all sunday morning looking over the application, poring it for mistakes/grammer etc. im nervous bout the interview now...sometimes i can come of as too sarcastic and whatnot. ahh i hope that december is good month! i sent in supplemental information bc i felt that my app was inadequate w/o it ( ie essay & list of books< ---i read a lot!).
question to everyone : what would you do if you got in?
id scream and then mass email my acceptance to my address book...then id put my away message on that proclaimed my acceptance ... the i would call dad & mom & my best friends! then i would slack-off! no school work for me...its all about starbucks and reading and movies lol. i would enjoy life a lot more than i have been since ninth grade.
ah , i hope this is reality!</p>

<p>Me too!</p>

<p>Or, in a parallel universe, I will be rejected and be depressed... then life would be miserable, and life would be worse than ninth grade.....</p>

<p>if only, bella...i wish i were confident enough to even consider acceptance a possibility...i dunno what i'd do</p>

<p>i thought i would feel good about getting done finally...but i'm not...i don't feel anything really...maybe it's because i know how slim my chances are....i've asked for an email're funny...i wish we could all get in and follow your footsteps!!!</p>

<p>how does one ask for an email decision? those goes out on the 11th right?</p>

<p>in response to the ORIGINAL POSTER:::::
i sent my app in at 6 PM on Monday the 1st!! :) I felt very relieved and light! I feel like my chances are more than average because RSI helps a lot. In fact, it is said that all RSI participants have an 80% chance of getting into Harvard. I find that unbelievable. Moreover, I think I have a good chance because of my awards. The NIH grant will REALLY REALLY stand out because there was only 3 in the nations, and I was the one of the recipients. Although this doesn't help, the circumstances I am in put me in a different light: immigrant, vietnamese, family makes 14K income so we're on welfare and food stamps, 1st in family to attend a 4 yr college w/o a junior college. My college essays were VERY personal and creative. My letter of recommendations said that "he's the best student I've ever had in my career as a teacher for so and so years...take him!!" Ranked 3rd in class because I had one B+ in Performing Arts freshman year. Oh well. I hope all of these criteria help me in lieu of my SAT scores, which was 1360. My SAT II scores are fine; all of them are above 700. </p>

<p>Anyway..I think my chance is good, but the process is so random and mystifying that if I don't get in, I wouldn't be surprised. Actually...I DO expect that I will get deferred so it makes the 40 days wait less anxious.</p>

<p>Yes, I send in my research paper that I wrote at RSI and another essay stating the reasons why Harvard is my top choice.</p>

<p>Of course I want to know whether or not I get in.</p>

<p>the harvard supplement asked you..i think on first page if you wanted the decision mailed to you...
and really looke like you have a great chance...good luck! long ago did you move?...</p>

<p>wow, staticsoliloquy...looks very good for you...i'd be surprised if you didn't get in...what's RSI?</p>

<p>i came over here in April 4th 1994, and I was homeless back in Vietnam. The American Dream is still very much alive. In retrospect, 10 yrs is not a very long time, but whenever I reflect on how much the circumstances have changed, i'm very happy. Although my family is still poor, we have a roof provided by Housing, we have food provided by Food Stamp assistance. It beats moving from alley to alley in Vietnam, and digging in the trash to find leftovers. Being poor allowed me to financially help my family out too. I wrote about how I carried 2 jobs during the school year to pay for my own education ie the private school's tuition.</p>

<p>thanks for the info about the decision; i looked at my copied app and i wrote yes so yay, that's good.</p>

<p>RSI = research science institute....checked the HIGH SCHOOL pg. there's a thread started by me.</p>

<p>thank you for the encouragement. again, it's a very random process. i know the world isn't going to end if I don't get in. All of my siblings went to a junior college, and then to either a UC or a state school, and they're happy and successful. I've prepared my attitude for a rejection from Harvard already...knowing that there is no way i can compete with you guys. I feel matter what school i'm headed to, my direction in life won't change and and the determination of my futureis based on me (ie my drive, my persistence, my diligence) not the school I got my degree from, although it DOES HELP with the connections.</p>

<p>i must say that i am highly impressed by the modesty of you guys! i remember the first time i thought about harvard, i heard that EVERYONE there is the most arrogant person alive...i smile to see you guys encourage each other so sincerely and not boast!</p>

<p>Of the people applying to Harvard, would the people posting here be around the top, the middle, or the bottom of the applicants to Harvard?</p>

<p>LAgal-for the waiting process at least, I think it's a case of "hang together, or hang separately." I know I'd go batty without CC, because it's so hard to talk about with my friends (many are of the "you know you'll get in" mindset, others are like "why would you go to harvard, do you want to be elitist?").</p>

<p>Collegeperson-I think that CC includes people from the top, the middle, and the bottom. I think it's more top heavy (stronger) than the total applicant pool overall.</p>

<p>ahh no one answer my question.</p>

<p>are we getting the email notification on the 11th of dec?</p>

<p>Static, I asked a friend who teaches at Harvard and has a son applying EA. She wrote " I believe last year, email notification came out on Dec. 11. But it has to do with the timing of the weekend. The later in the week Dec. 15 is, the less likely, in my opinion, is notification to be early. I could be wrong, though." (I also have a son applying EA.)</p>

<p>Hmm... Let's hope they get their work done quickly and mail out the decisions Friday the 10th.</p>