Official Kalamazoo EA Decisions 2012 Thread

<p>This is my very first "official" thread. I don't even know if I can call it official. Probably you have to be a moderator to do that. If so: Sorry. I'm just really excited. My D received her notification of acceptance yesterday, with a nice award. Even nicer: The gracious, personalized acceptance letter from the dean of admission and financial aid. So ... Can everyone post his or her (or his or her D's or S's) results here?</p>

<p>Well, I'm not a daughter/son, but I got my letter yesterday. It completely broke my heart. I was accepted ED at Kenyon, but Kalamazoo was my second/third-ish choice. I loved that school. The letter was personalized and kind and the financial award was... pretty significant. I wouldn't want to go to any other school but Kenyon, but Kalamazoo sure made me second-guess myself.</p>


<p>Kalamazoo did a nice job with the acceptance letter, didn't they? Big congratulations on your acceptance at Kenyon.</p>

<p>My D just got her acceptance letter to Kalamazoo too! It was the most personalized one (of the three acceptance letters she has received so far) and the scholarship money they are offering her is terrific (more than one school and less than the other.) Kalamazoo is definitely one of her favorites so she was absolutely ecstatic when the acceptance packet (with letter) arrived. We're from Massachusetts so it would be a pretty long way from home (which really appeals to my independent D) but that said, we shall see as there are many different things to factor in now. Congrats to everyone who got in! If she chooses K College, then she'll definitely do LandSea.</p>

<p>hello i am from China and I got email notification several days ago. I am still waiting the actual mail which includes financial info.</p>

<p>I got in and receievd a founder scholarship of $40000, i also applied financial aid. </p>

<p>the offer is pretty cool! Eric talked about my experience written in my essay.</p>

<p>i am now waiting my ED II Bates College, while Kzoo is my third choice. </p>

<p>Best of luck!!</p>

<p>I received my admission packet on the 22nd. It was really exciting to have my essay quoted in the letter. :) Most exciting of all, I got a little bonus scholarship money for my arts supplement I submitted with my common app, bringing my total scholarship to 68000 :) What a good day. I can't wait to see who else was accepted!</p>

<p>hello! so I know this is the EA thread, but I applied reg decision and just got a letter a few days ago telling me I can expect a "thick envelope" in the mail soon and that I recieved a really substantial scholarship! Kalamazoo is definitely one of my top choices and I'm really excited about meeting other people that are considering it (since these discussion boards are pretty sparse) :)</p>