Official Math IC Thread

<p>I didn't think it was too hard...</p>

<p>I thought it was impossible, lol I left 13 blank.</p>

<p>any chance I can still break a 600?</p>

<p>Not sure, I have heard that the curve on the IC is much harsher than the one for IIC.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the one that was like:</p>

<p>h/k and it had I, II, and III following it.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the question that:</p>

<p>Had the graph and was talking about senior citizens watching television. I put 19.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the vertex of that paralleogram congruent to the other parallelogram? I put -2,4 or something like that.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the one that looked like a bow tie and had two paralell lines? I said that the triangles were similar.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the first one that said what can x NOT be? I put -3.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the last one? I was thinking infinitely many, but I didn't answer that one.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the vertex question that talked about physics? I put 17.3</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the area of the rectangle on the coordinate grid? I put 40.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the question that said how many times is the volume of the rectangle larger than the volume of the right cylinder. I put 4.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the question that involved tangent, and the sin? You had to find what theta was. . I think I put down 7/9 or negative 7/9. </p>

<p>What did everyone put the series question that asked for the integers? I did not understand that at all. I remember putting something that was less than fourty seven. I'm not sure though. That question was annoying.</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the perpendicular bisector question? I just did not understand that. I put when x=0. </p>

<p>Umm what else?</p>

<p>For the weird question that entailed averages I put 86. Did anyone else get that?</p>

<p>What did everyone put for the question about 2/3 of the people who watch tv? i put the youngest group..</p>

<p>I agree for the parallelogram, rectangle area, and the perpendicular bisector...don't remember my answers for the others.</p>

<p>for the ones that i remember...
senior citizens watching television : 4 -- it asked for a redo of 100 people.. not just senior citizens.. but a whole sample of 100 people. so you divide both senior citizen values by 4 and round 3.75 to 4 cuz it asked for whole nmber</p>

<p>agree for vertex paralellagram / similar triangles </p>

<p>infinitely many as well, what a crazy question. </p>

<p>14.4 for the physics question --> -4.XX(2)^2 + 12(2) + 10 </p>

<p>agree for -7/9.. this one confused me. lol</p>

<p>agree for perp bisector</p>

<p>youngest group as well </p>

<p>averages - for the avgs.. there was the stem one and the removal of two numbers.. i put 24 for latter and 80something for the other</p>

<p>some of the questions on this test were insane..</p>

<p>14.4 for the physics question --> -4.XX(2)^2 + 12(2) + 10 </p>

<p>that is wrong b/c i graphed the function on my calculator</p>

<p>I took the Math IIC and for some reason I did horribly, so I took The Math IC after it and thought it was really easy. I left 2 blank and I doubt I got very many wrong. Damned bronchitis....</p>

<p>then go to the other Math SAT II board and answer my questions! LOL</p>