Official Math IIC Question List

<p>Let's see how many of the questions we can remember. I listed the answers of the one's i'm pretty sure of; if you see any mistakes please correct me. If you remember anything, even if its not the entire question, please post...</p>

<p>The List So Far:
1. The area of the triangle with a 30*angle and sides 4, 6 (ans=6)
2. Probablity of the 2 numbers being greater than 5 (ans=.9)
3. The ferris wheel problem (ans=7.87)
4. The repeating graph that asked for f(100) (ans=1)
5. The pyramid w/ base 4X4, height 8; asked for altitude (ans=8.246)
6. #49- the stem plot that asked for the median (ans=56)
7. lx+3l<5 (ans=the diff. b/t x and -3 is less than 5)
8. Wqn of the line equidistant from the other 2 lines (ans= y=2x)
9. Graph where y=f(x) and holes in the graph were at y=2, 7 (ans=b/t 1, 7)
10. Which is not the same a (Pi/4, 1) (ans= (13Pi/4,1))
11. 2 sets of numbers, they asked if they had the same range, mean, and standard dev. (ans=same range, std dev.)
12. Volume of the region b/t the big sphere, small sphere (ans=5571.09)
13. Circle (x-12)^2 + (y+5)^2 = 16, asked for dist. to origin (ans=9)
14. x=y for any real number is true if... (ans= x^3=y^3)
15. Logic question w/ the flags having 2 colors (ans= all flags may not have 2 colors)
16. The one w/ the prime numbers w/ (I), (II), (III) (ans= only (I) a+b+1)
17. There was a f(g(x))=1 or something for values (ans= g(x)=2)
18. Length of the chord w/ Cent. Ang 106 (ans=7.98)
19. Maximum value of sinxcosx (ans=.5)
20. f(x)=e^2x... what's f^-1(2e) (ans=.847)
21. Cost of buying photos (ans= f(4)=g(20))
22. #1 (ans=4/7)
23. #2 (ans=Cube root of 10. something)</p>

<p>Thats almost half the questions. Please add!</p>

<p>wow, you have an amazing memory, cant remember wut was on the test and its been only 3days! aghhhh</p>

<p>i actually just went through the Math IIc thread to find all those. =)</p>

<p>I still think the Probablity of the 2 numbers being greater than 5 is .8</p>

<p>kent05, you're wrong. Its a 10X10 grid, and 10 sums add up to less than 5, therefore 90/100 add up to more than 5 = .9</p>

<p>At least i think thats right...</p>

<p>Yeah, that's how I did it. Almost everyone had .90 so I think you're out of luck on that problem Kent. But I got some wrong as well - we all did so don't worry!</p>

<p>another one was
if there is one green, one blue, and one red sock what is least number of socks you can pull out of the drawer and be sure u have at least one pair of same colored socks
answer is 4-same exact question was the in teh sat2c princeton review math booklet so im positive on this one</p>

<p>also for hte discontinues it said wehre f is discontinueous doesnt that mean y so wouldnt it be 4 and 7????</p>

<p>Ya, i wasnt sure about that one altoids. Can anyone confirm the answer for that one. I thought it was b/t 1 and 7...</p>

<p>There was also one w/ i in the problem, the answer was something like 8-6i.</p>

<p>I disagree w the f(x)=e^2x one. The question was f(x)=e^5x, not 2x, and the answer would thus be .34. I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one.</p>

<p>isnt the answer to the sock question 2? because that is the minimum you need to pick out to ensure u have a pair? </p>

<p>why is it four? altoids</p>

<p>noone - I'm 100% sure the f(x) value was: f(x) = e^2x. I'm 150% sure it asked that.</p>

<p>the question said how many must u pick out to make sure that u have a pair of matching colored socks
if you pick out 2 only u got get red and blue and that is NOT a matchin pair therefore u must pick out 4 to ensure u have a pair
look at the princeton review extra practice math2c booklet at ur bookstore to go the section of arrangements or sumthin like that and they have the same exact question there</p>

<p>for the ferris wheel problem did u just substitue 30 in for the height and then solve for t
i cant remmeber the answer choice i picked</p>

<p>i left the ferris wheel problem blank, ran out of time...</p>