**Official Oct ACT Reading Section**

<p>let's discuss.</p>

<p>What was the answer 1st passage dancing</p>

<p>I didn’t guess this time, and the passages were interesting which definitely helped.</p>

<p>here were my passages on 72A:

  1. there is confusion - about Joanna and her sister sylvia
    a) How did she feel about folk songs? she like all of them
    b) her dancing was a contrast to her other side ( something like that)
    c) What did her brothers like to do? chores
    d) something about her dad joel’s changed financial status…what was the answer?
    e) why does Maggie say “if you want to see JOanna play…”?
    f) how did Joanna do her chores? slowly and well ( something like that)
    g) what is the purpose of the 3rd paragraph? It was something about the dirrerences between the 2 sisters. It was NOT to introduce the differences because it talked about that in the second paragraph
    j) </p>

<li>Passage on the History of Coffee ( in 6 glasses or something)
1) when did coffeehouses become the cetners of political debate? after the death of cromwell</li>

<p>passage 3 was about the museum guy, Clifford, who finds the Michelangelo</p>

<p>and passage 4 was about Yellowstone.</p>

<p>I had to time to do the last passage. DOes anyone remember the questions?</p>

<p>For dancing, it was spontaneous right? And what was the one about the first sentence? 2 generalizations?</p>

<p>1d) something about no limits or something
1f) very well but with the hopes of doing something more meaningful later on <em>paraphrased</em></p>

<p>1c) I thought they liked doing homework, it said they were amused by it in the passage.</p>

<p>What was the city of art?</p>

<p>Are you sure it said they were amused by doing hw, businessbeast? </p>

<p>I put housework or something but I wasn’t too sure because it said that Sylvia would bribe the brothers to do the housework…</p>

<p>1C) it actually said that the brothers rather liked the chores. It took me while to find it.</p>

<p>city of art was New York</p>

<p>YES! thank you novelidea</p>

<p>hey, I found the michelangelo passage! Can you remember any other questions?</p>

<p>1) city af art was New york
2) something about CLifford
3) where was the drawing? Copper Hewitt Museum
4) why did they recongnize it? something about not knowing the characteristcis??
5) something about museums directros ( was it that they dont normally go around looking for hidden rare art?

<p>Michelangelo </p>

<p>6) who first owned the painting? // Lord Amherst of Hackney</p>

<p>It was housework that the guys liked… U must have misread it and thought if homework</p>

<p>Did anyone have a passage about Henry Ford?</p>

<p>I said annoying her for the two sisters question (that you guys say is housework) because it said that the girl was annoyed with how her brothers did such silly things or something like that</p>

<p>Yes i think everyone had the same passages, I had the one with Henry Ford</p>

<p>No literally everyone in my room had different forms. With new forms comes new passages. Bily clocks, Ibarra Mexico, Taxonomy, Acropolis were mine for example.</p>