Official October 14 SAT Scores

<p>Post your scores on this thread when you obtain them.</p>

<p>a little early eh?</p>

<p>38-41 hours left until scores are released...</p>

<p>I'll be the first...YES! 2400! I'm the College Board's first 2400 of the year so they notified me! Hah! I am such a STUD as my name points out.</p>

<p>so when will the fake "I got my scores early" threads start?</p>

<p>lol "I'm the College Board's first 2400 of the year"</p>

<p>OMG you wont believe my score! i got a 2500!!! Collegeboard thought that deserved some early recognition.</p>

<p>(in my dreams)</p>

<p>w.t.f i i got a -450??</p>

<p>-450?:eek: you're sooooooooooooooo lucky. My scores were so bad, CollegeBoard refuses to release my score. They're offering me a free retest for November:).</p>

<p>are you serious?</p>

<p>yeah. they do that sometimes. it happened to me once.</p>

<p>Heck yeeeaaah I'm serious. Why would I kid about something like that.</p>

<p>no one could ever joke about such a thing!</p>

<p>I'm so excited. I mean, it's almost bordering on ridiculous. I'm definitely running to computer the second I wake up on Thursday morning.</p>

<p>10-13 more hours.
How are you guys holding up?</p>

<p>not well at all. I'm getting SO nervous!</p>

<p>why? im sure your initial scores are fine. sure, this can help you out but they wont be life or death. :) just trying to cheer/pump you up!!</p>

<p>Baaaaaaaaah I have a huge math test tomorrow too. I don't think I'll look until after the test, because if I messed up my SATs I'll just feel more nervous about getting good grades :P **** high-pressure boarding school.</p>

<p>take a deep breath, realize SATs are almost never more than 20% of the application, and bea bit resilient matey!</p>

<p>yo where in Massachusetts are ya from?</p>