Official October 14 SAT Scores

<p>Yay!!!!!! Actually this is my second time and I had lost all my enthusiastic from the first one. I had also gave up my dream of scoring above 2000 so now I would settle for a score that is higher than my first one.</p>

<p>less than 3 hours to go!!!</p>

<p>but i'm sleepy...i don't think i'm going to stay up till 2 am...</p>

<p>i would be happy with a 2200, ecstatic with a 2300.</p>

<p>2.5 hours.</p>

<p>1.5 hours baby!!</p>

<p>1 hour, 2 mins now. haha</p>

<p>57 minutes!</p>

<p>oh wow people stilll haven't had it? I checked my account at 2AM sharp and it was posted. My score is : </p>

<p>Math 800
Critical Reading 800
Writing 680</p>

Math and CR are satisfactory but writing is pathetic. Oh well. I'm gonna retake it to get that 2400. It's a good thing, at least I hit my bare minimum of 2250.</p>

<p>Math 650
Critical Reading 670
Writing 700
December sitting here I come.. :)</p>

<p>Well, this morning I frantically signed onto Collegeboard to look at my SAT scores, and lo and behold, I realized that all my nailbiting and chewed pencils were unnecessary....I got a 2340!</p>

<p>780 V
800 M
760 W (darn you!)</p>

<p>So disheveled as I always am at 6:55 AM, I leapt into my parents' room looking like a hobo and gave them a little heart attack. And now I want to share this brief surge of ecstasy (that will last probably all of an hour before I realize that I have to cram all the knowledge in the world for the SAT IIs this Saturday) with don't know...yay for me!</p>

<p>CR: 770
M: 800
W: 690</p>

<p>Brings highest scores up to 2280 and stoked! i was aiming for 700 on critical reading what a wonderful surrpise! The first time i took this gosh darned test i got a 1470 lol there is hope</p>

<p>Meh not as good as I expected: </p>

<p>Critical Reading 740
Math 700
Writing 650</p>

<p>Together: 2090...dammit I was really hoping I would pass the 2100 mark. Nevertheless my scores is still 80 points better than last time.</p>

<p>Meh, not as good as I expected but I'm in college so it doesn't matter quite as much I guess.</p>

<p>had 2150 in june</p>

<p>w/ mix and match

<p>really happy that i improved 150 pts...</p>

<p>First Try
800 Critical Reading
730 Math</p>

<h2>..........660 Writing (11 Essay) =/</h2>

I'm pretty excited about my CR&M scores, but a little ticked about that Writing section. I made stupid mistake with budgeting my time. To retake or not to retake?</p>

<p>My scores got delayed!!! This is so annoying! I have to wait another week until November 8th to receive them. </p>

<p>Did this happen to anyone else?</p>

<p>2220! Woot first time I broke 2200... last time I'm ever going to take that stupid test.</p>


<p>wow.... im going to cry. my scores turned out sooo bad. and i only got a 770 on math. i don't even remember 1 i could have gotton wrong let only like 3 or whatever a 770 is....</p>

<p>That's how I felt about math too. I was pretty sure I got all of them right, and I get a freaking 700??!?!?</p>

<p>75 (is this a raw score?) multiple choice and 12 essay--shouldn't this be an 800 writing?</p>

<p>last time I had a 66 multiple choice (with 12 on the essay) and scored a 720W, so a 790W(this time) seems wierd. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>I was pretty sure of a 2250 minimum but i got only 2130 ( CR 750 / M 730 / W 650) . I was pretty sure that I would get around 780 in Maths and Writing. So, I going to sit again for the december SATs.</p>