<p>i just got my score report in the mail and had a 59 raw score on verbal and got a 10 reals the normal score is like 630-640.. it looks like critical reading owned me (missed 0 omitted 1 SC, 3 analogies, and 11 CR (ouch))</p>

<p>It seemed quite similar to some of the easier-curve 10 Real Tests. I too was dominated by Critical Reading: Missed zero analogies, one sentence completion, and NINE critical reading. And I owe it all to one Washington Woodward... I got a 700.</p>

<p>comments on the math curve?</p>

<p>Critical reading seems to be the bane of most people. You guys should be glad you don't have to take the new SAT, since it will have a lot more critical reading, and no analogies.</p>

<p>"Critical reading seems to be the bane of most people."</p>

<p>True dat. On the May SAT, SCs: 0 ommitted, 0 wrong, Analogies: 0 omitted, 1 wrong, CR: 2 ommitted, 5 wrong. I ended up with a 720. argh!</p>

<p>I wonder if this is a general trend or if it is unique to the CC'er type.</p>

<p>The reason I say that is that it would seem to me that sentence completion and analogy questions are fairly easy to prep for, by learning vocabulary and whatnot, whereas CR questions, it would seem to me, would be more difficult to prepare for. Since people that frequent CC are likely to do SAT preparation, most of them tend to eliminate errors on SC and Analogies, resulting in the perception of low CR scores, when in reality what they are seeing are high SC and A scores.</p>


<p>I'd agree....CR scores are just based on how much a person actually reads</p>

<p>Analogies own me sometimes</p>

<p>2 Analgoes, 2 Critical Reading Wrong
Score - 770</p>


<p>I missed 5 questions and got a 710! EVIL! EVIL! EVIL!</p>

<p>Damn you Washington Woodward. Damn you.</p>

<p>I'd agree that most of the CC'ers have high SC and analogy scores, but for people who have such few errors there, I believe 5 wrong and 2 omits is low.</p>

<p>Definetly agree with legendofmax--analogies are by far the worst part of verbal for me. I got two of those wrong, and one CR wrong for a 790. What gets me about the CR, though, is that I'm pretty sure I know which one I got wrong and it wasn't really all that hard. I just didn't think it through properly.</p>

<p>Damn. That sucks. 3 wrong was a 790? I got 4 wrong in Verbal and got a 770! ACK! That really blows. Once more question (MOST LIKELY FROM WOODWARD) would have given me a 1500! EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST DIE, WASHINGTON WOODWARD!</p>

<p>What is the strategy for SAT I in terms of how many you should/can omit?</p>

<p>I missed 8 questions on the verbal: 720
I missed 2 questions on the math (annoyed, usually it's 0, blah): 780</p>

<p>I got 12 wrong on verbal :0</p>

<p>8 critical reading, 2 analogies, and 2 SCs for a 680. Man, that sucks...that's the worst verbal score I've ever gotten on the SAT.</p>

<p>On the other hand, I missed 5 math questions and omitted one about some weird square thing that I couldn't figure out and I got a 700.</p>

<p>So I guess the verbal curve was really easy and the math curve was really tight, then.</p>

<p>I got a 760 on verbal. I misses 2 analogies, 2 Critical reading, 0 sentence completions and 0 omits</p>

Missed 2 math: 780
Missed 6 verbal (1 SC, 1 A, 4 RC): 750</p>

<p>MAY 2004 (JUNIOR)
Missed 7 math: 700
Missed 7 verbal (0 SC, 2 A, 5 RC): 720</p>

<p> omits on either test.</p>

<p>Generous curves make all the difference.</p>

<p>780 Math (Missed 2 Arith. Reasoning!!!!!!!! I usually don't miss any!!!! AGRGRGHHH!!!!)</p>

<p>690 Verbal (0 Sent. Comp., 3 Analogies 1 Omit, 7 CR) Man 3 more right and I would have received a 1500!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>krazykamikaze, hey dont feel too bad, in march i got a 690 and only missed 6 math!!!!</p>

<p>Yes, Washington Woodward must die and rot.</p>