Official October SAT Predictions

<p>Let's see who can predict their scores right on the nail. Post your predictions here, NOT dream scores or best possible scores. Divy up the sections and then guess your total score. Nobody can see what you really got, but lets see how close our predictions are to our real scores. I bet around 80% will get lower than they predict, including myself.</p>

<p>Ill start it off : CR 740 M 760 W720 total : 2220</p>

<p>M730 Cr700 Wr730</p>

<p>M 800 Cr 730 W 800</p>

<p>M 800 Cr 800 W 800</p>


<p>M 380 Cr 570 W 400</p>

<p>kidding again</p>

<p>Gah, I don't know</p>


<p>maybe 800/720/750</p>

<p>average, I suppose, nothing spectacular</p>

<p>Cr 800
M 760
W 730</p>

<p>= 2290</p>

<p>Cr 590 Math 680 Writing 720 = 1990</p>


<p>M 780
CR 700
W 770
(My first time was 790, 790, 700, so all I care about is Writing)</p>

<p>M-800 CR-800 W-800
Yes, I expect all perfect scores because I've been prepping for this test since I was 8 years old. For 3 weeks before the test, I've eaten nothing but fish for DHA because it's good for the brain and mineral water. I also slept with electrodes on my head that maintained psycho-physio balance in my brain in order to ensure optimal performance on test day. I also practiced breathing rhythms that will keep me in a relaxed state while test-taking. I wore my lucky underwear, brought my lucky pencil in my lucky pencil box placed in the lucky pouch on my backpack. With all this preparation, there is no doubt I will get a 2400.</p>

<p>i'm going to assume you are joking sweet ambrosia</p>

<p>haha like the rest of these jokers?</p>



<p>660 - CR
700 - Math
720 - Writing</p>

<p>I wonder if anyone actually does that; I would like to see their reaction if they get a 2390.</p>

<p>CR: 620-680
M: 740-790
W: 650-730</p>


<p>Best guess:
CR: 640
M: 770
W: 670</p>


<p>CR: 0
M: 0
W: 0</p>

<p>Total: 0</p>

<p>I didn't take it.</p>

<p>M : 790 (D'oh!!)
CR: 600-700

<p>Total : 2100+</p>



<p>Is that All you need to do??</p>

<p>M: 730
CR: 560
W: 540
Total: 1830</p>

<p>750 M
600 V
700 W</p>

<p>Argh, why'd I do so terribly?!?!</p>

<p>I feel as if I actually received my scores lol.</p>

M:700-730 (damn that firetruck problem!)