Official Penn ED 2017 Pledge Thread

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>By adding your name to the following list, you are pledging to share your decision and applicant profile on CC regardless of your decision come the 12th. It may be tough for those of us who get an unfavorable decision, but I really think these sort of posts really help RDers and people applying next year.</p>

<p>Please note that this is NOT the actual Results thread, but a thread to pledge your commitment to sharing your results. So that we do not miss anyone, please copy-paste the rest of the names before yours while entering yours.</p>

<p>Hoping to see solidarity from our CC group. Thank you!</p>


<p>this already exists, look for the other thread. :)</p>

<p>The behind-the-curve manutd1234</p>


<p>Oops haha I just saw it! Never mind, then.</p>

<p>For anyone else who missed the other one, here it is:
<a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>Lol 45% just (a bit too) eager to move things forward :)</p>

<p>^ @45 Percenter You get an honorary epithet as well.</p>

<p>“Too Eager 45 Percenter”</p>

<p>^ Except that manutd1234 meant that HE was too eager (starting a thread when an identical thread had recently been started). </p>

<p>Nice try, though. And thanks for thinking of me! :)</p>