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<p>Vote Option #1: Both the authors would agree that the fish need protection.
Vote Option #2: A lot could be obtained by studying them in their enviroment.</p>

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<p>I vote Option #1</p>

<p>Option #1: This is obviously the answer because the fish's true "environment" is not in a tank. This contradicts the opinions presented in Passage 2.</p>

<p>Definitely one. Passage 2 said captivity research was better, Passage one said that's definitely not true, so it's a contradicting opinion. Passage 2 emphasized the rareness of the speices throughout and passage 1 said that captivity would be risky due to the extremely low population.</p>

<p>Definitely option #1, as Passage One explicitly stated that research done in a captive environment would cause essential information to be lost.</p>

<p>Its obvoiusly #1... the 2nd guy wanted him in a tank! thats not an environment... The more controversial question... the one about the representative of new york is a MUCH better poll question</p>

<p>Ah, yes. I picked no error. What's wrong with a rep from New York if she is from new york?</p>

<p>I believe the majority think it was D... about the endeavor</p>

<p>I vote option #1, and vote "endeavor" on the NY one.</p>

<p>i chose #1 :p</p>

<p>i chose #1 and no error, though it probably is endeavor</p>


<p>Come on. Think about it. Along with what other people said, the 2nd one only applies to the first passage, which was advocating for the coelanths to be in their natural habitat...</p>

<h1>1 and endeavour.</h1>

<p>I concur with #1</p>

<p>number one dude...obviously</p>

of course..</p>


<p>seriously though, Endeavor? I think it's "from NYC".</p>