Official Regular Decisions Thread

<p>Based on the general conclusion that the decisions from Wash U will be out in 2-3 days (15th-16th), and seeing that many minority applicants already received news, I think it is a good idea to set up a regular decisions thread. Write ACCEPTED, REJECTED, or WAITLISTED above your stats and try to use the format given below. Good luck to all applicants- I hope to see you next year (I was accepted ED II)!!!</p>


SAT: ___ (M:<em>_, V: _</em><em>)
SAT IIs: _</em>
(Subject); ___ (Subject); ___ (Subject)
GPA: ___ Unweighted / ___ Weighted
Rank: ___ out of ___</p>

<p>Current High School Courses</p>






Essays: _________________________________
Teacher Recs: ___________________________
Counselor Rec: ___________________________
Hook (if any): ____________________________</p>

State or Country: _____
School Type: _____
Ethnicity: _____
Gender: _____</p>


<p>STRENGTHS- </p>


<p>EC's: </p>

<p>Other Factors:</p>


SAT: 1550 (M: 800, V: 750)
SAT IIs: 790 (Math IIC); 750 (Latin); 750 (Chinese); 740 (Writing); 720 (US History), 660 (Biology)
GPA: 4.28 Weighted
Rank: Top 10 out of 400</p>

<p>Current High School Courses
AP Enviro
AP Calculus BC
AP Econ
AP Lit

Essays: okay
Teacher Recs: no clue
Counselor Rec: no clue
Hook (if any): nothing super </p>

<p>Location/Person: Chinese
State or Country: USA
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: M</p>


<p>STRENGTHS- A lot of work experience</p>

<p>WEEKNESSES- Not too many leadership roles =/</p>

<p>EC's: All State Musician 3 years, Southesat Districts, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, Science Olympiad Leader, NHS Treasurer, Newspaper, Tutor...</p>

<p>Other Factors: Washington is great...but i'm praying for Harvard =)</p>


<p>SAT: 1300 (M:690, V:610 )
SAT IIs: 800 French; 800 Spanish; 800 Italian; 700 Writing
GPA: 3.8 Unweighted / 4.00 Weighted
Rank:No rank
Current High School Courses
All IBs</p>

Essays: Great!!! (Got good feedbacks)
Teacher Recs: DK
Counselor Rec: DK
Hook (if any): Languages</p>

State or Country: N/A
School Type: Private
Ethnicity: Hispanic/European
Gender: M</p>

<p>STRENGTHS: Languages, work experience </p>

<p>WEAKNESSES: Verbal SAT </p>

<p>EC's: a lot (varsities)</p>


SAT: 1460 (M:710, V:750)
SAT IIs: 750 (Writing); 730 (US History); 700 (Environmental Bio)
GPA: 3.8 (?) Unweighted / 4.1 Weighted
Rank: 10 out of 121</p>

<p>Current High School Courses
AP Vergil
AP Chemistry
AP US Government
AP Compar. Gov.
AP English Lit.
AP Calc AB</p>

Essays: My essay was very strong, I like to think, but how strong can an essay pretty much revolving around an erotic peach be...
Teacher Recs: My recs were very good, I had a very very strong rec from a paitning professor at Centre College.
Counselor Rec: I didn't get to read this, I have a feeling it was pretty standard, he likes me, I did a painting for him, but he's kinda out of it sometimes. A good guy though.
Hook (if any): I have a very strong art portfolio.</p>

State or Country: Cincinnati, OH, USA
School Type: Small Suburban Public
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male</p>


<p>STRENGTHS- Portfolio and a vested interest in Wash U which I think they saw.</p>

<p>WEaKNESSES- Grades, I all B's and one A my sophomore year (they were B averages, including A's and C's), also B's and A's Junior year and Senior year. I took the most challenging courseloads I could though.</p>

Mock Trial 2 Years, Lawyer both years.
Varsity Chess 4 years
Latin Club 4 years with heavy involvement and State and National recognition -- Leadership positions
Art Club 4 years
Art Classes 4 years
Teen Counseling 1 year
NHS 1 year
I guess that was it</p>

<p>Other Factors: I wasn't applying to any IV's. This was clearly my top choice from my application and I think that helps. I showed them that I was interested, and I think that was the main hook above all else.</p>


SAT: 1470 (M:760, V: 710)
SAT IIs: 700 (Writing); 760 (Math 2c); 800 (Chinese)
GPA: 3.9 Unweighted / 4.0+ Weighted
Rank: 106 out of 891</p>

<p>Current High School Courses
AP Eng Literature
AP Computer Sci
AP Economics
AP Calc BC
Spanish 3rd year (weak, i know)</p>

Essays: good/unique
Teacher Recs: good
Counselor Rec: good
Hook (if any): Art Portfolio (not art major though)</p>

State or Country: NY USA
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: didnt put
Gender: M</p>

<p>WAITLISTED (honestly thought i was going to be rejected)</p>

SAT: 1330(M:700, V: 630)
SAT IIs: 710(Math 2c); 710 (Writing); 760 (Chemistry); 690 (Chinese)
GPA: n/a Unweighted / 3.884 Weighted
Rank: top 15%</p>

<p>Current High School Courses</p>

<p>Accounting 2 Honors
AP Environmental Science
AP English 4
AP Calculus AB
Other electives: orchestra, career appreciation</p>

Essays: Decent
Teacher Recs: Excellent
Counselor Rec: Excellent
Hook (if any): not really any.</p>

State or Country: Jersey
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Chinese
Gender: Male</p>


<p>STRENGTHS- Top 15 Tennis Player in the state. Extreme dedication to tennis.</p>

<p>WEAKNESSES- SAT I's, freshmen year gpa (3.332)</p>

<p>EC's: FBLA, Tennis, Chamber Orchestra, Volunteer at library, National Honor Society, VP of Chinese Honor Society</p>

<p>Other Factors: didn't apply for financial aid.</p>

<p>ACCEPTED - January Program</p>

ACT: 28
GPA: 3.79 Unweighted / 3.99 Weighted
Rank: 30 out of 350 - extremely competitive school
Current High School Courses
AP US History
AP Lit
AP Spanish
Film Studies
Adv. Drama
Varsity Debate</p>

Essays: I think it was pretty good, I did the experience that affected you one, and I had a lot of English teachers/professors say it was good
Teacher Recs: 2 excellent, 1 good
Counselor Rec: excellent
Hook (if any): I'm Jewish, yes...from Utah - not very common - I applied ED</p>

State or Country: Park City, UT USA
School Type: public
Ethnicity: white :(
Gender: F</p>


<p>STRENGTHS- location, leadership, dedication</p>

<p>WEEKNESSES- financial aid, gpa not as strong as it could be</p>

<p>EC's: Debate - Secretary 4 yrs, Drama - Prez 4 yrs, Key Club 3 yrs, NHS 2 years, BBYO (youth group) 4 yrs, work</p>

<p>Other Factors: I practically stalked my rep</p>


SAT: 1450(M:700, V: 750)
SAT IIs: 800(Math 2c); 800 (Writing); 800 (Bio M)
GPA: 97 on a 0-100 scale
Rank: top 10%(There's only 55 kids in my class, so yeah, I'm in the top 5)</p>

<p>Current High School Courses
AP Lit and Comp
AP Calc BC
AP Physics C
AP Chemistry
ARC 101, ARC 102, MET 285 (Courses taken through a local college)
Linguistics 1 </p>

Essays: Not great, not horrible
Teacher Recs: ^^
Counselor Rec: ^^
Hook (if any): Obviously I didn't have one</p>

State or Country: Jersey
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Indian
Gender: Male</p>

<p>What a wonderful first college decision....I hope it gets better</p>

SAT: 1590 (M:790, V: 800)
SAT IIs: 800 (Writing); 800 (World History); 800 (IIC)
Rank: Top 2%</p>

<p>Current High School Courses
Rigorous course load-took all AP's that high school offered (12 in all)</p>

Essays: I thought highly of them, but I consider myself a biased observer
Teacher Recs: Did not see them personally, but my counselor mentioned that they were good
Counselor Rec: Quality work-the lady seems to hold me in high regard
Hook (if any): Legacy-Father and Cousin are alums </p>

State or Country: Northeast
School Type: Public
Ethnicity + Gender: White Jewish Male</p>

<p>STRENGTHS-Strong grades and test scores, much interest expressed in the university (traveled to campus independently, and also attended prospie weekend), legacy connection</p>

<p>WEEKNESSES-Hmm....I might seem like a one dimensional applicant, also have no real regional or national recognition</p>

<p>EC's: I'd rather not disclose this aspect-prefer to maintain anonymity. My extracurriculars were decent, however. I dug deep rather than wide, and dedicated myself to a couple of things that I loved. </p>

<p>Applied to Princeton Early, but got deferred....Received a likely letter from Dartmouth in Early February, and received a notification in March from Wash. U. saying I did not win any Academic Scholarships :( .....They probably won't give me a dime in the end, and the school is far from home, so Dartmouth now looks more tempting. However, I'm happy with this news. Good luck to all you applicants out there, hope you get in! If not, I'm sure you'll find other places you'll be more than happy at! Go Bears!</p>

SAT 1390
too disapointed to fill in the rest of the details...</p>

<p>ACCEPTED! :-)</p>

SAT: 1510 : 740 (Subject); 700 (Subject); 700 (Subject)
GPA: 3.98 Unweighted / ? Weighted
Rank: 7 out of 695</p>

<p>Current High School Courses
AP English Lit
AP Bio
AP Gov/Econ
AP Human Geo
AP Span.
AP Phys C (Mech/ Elec Mag)
Honors exercise phys.

Essays: Not too sure how well-written this was
Teacher Recs: Don't really know (sorry!)
Counselor Rec: ?
Hook (if any): none</p>

State or Country: AZ
School Type: public
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: female</p>




<p>EC's: not too many in this area, ballet for 14 yrs, piano, school clubs, etc.</p>

<p>Other Factors:</p>

<p>Decision: Accepted!!!</p>

[<em>] ACT: 35
[</em>] GPA: 4.0
[li] Rank: 6/650</p>[/li]
[<em>] State or Country: Chicago
[</em>] School Type: public
[li] Gender: female</p>[/li]
<p>[/ul]Other Factors: my brother goes there</p>

<p>General Comments: I am soooo frickin excited!!! I can't wait for August! Congrats to everyone who was accepted!</p>

<p>congrats sara. you're from chicago? what hs do you go to, if you don't mind me asking.</p>

<p>I go to H-F (Homewood-Flossmoor). Where do you go? Were you accepted?</p>

<p>Jones College Prep, it's in the city. No, waitlisted.</p>

<p>Accepted! </p>

<p>But not into the USP med program and didn't get either the moog scholarship or the friends of music I don't know if my mom will send me all the way to st. louis even though Wash U is my dreaaam school...See how much financial aid I get. Don't worry, you waitlisted folks; if mom vetoes Wash U because it's too far away and too expensive, I'll be sure to tell them no right away so to give you guys a chance! Anyways, stats:</p>

<p>GPA: unweighted 94, weighted is around a 98?
Rank: 21 out of 430</p>

<p>Freshman year: basic all honors courses
Sophomore year: Continued all honors, took AP biology, got a 5 on AP
Junior Year: All honors, including AP chem (5), AP US history (3), AP BC calc (4 on BC part, 5 on AB subsection) and AP english (5)
Senior Year: All honors but also AP Physics, AP music theory, Muti-Variable calculus, and AP english Literature</p>

<p>1550 SAT, 800 math, 750 verbal; 760 math IIC, 730 Writing, 720 Chem...kind of disappointing scores. </p>

<p>As for extra-curriculars...this is where I'm loaded. </p>

<p>Played piano for 12 years, I'm pretty darned good if I do say so myself. For anyone who knows what it is, I got a NYSSMA score of 99 on a lvl 6 point off because I messed up on a scale of all things...</p>

<p>Voice for 2 years, BUT I was the number 2 pick out of Bass 1s for my section of NY in making the All-State choir...</p>

<p>I play the church organ, I work in various local churches playing services, weddings, and funerals. </p>

<p>Varsity Cross country for 4 years, MVP the last two years, Will to Win athlete award sophomore year, Captain this year
Varsity Spring Track for 3 years, captain this year
Varsity Swimming for 3 years, made States in 03 on a relay
Varsity Winter Track, this was my first year, was captain and got all-county honors in the 300m
Contacted the track coach, he seems pretty psyched to have me</p>

<p>Captain of the Math team, made it to sectionals for the first time in it's history this year</p>

<p>Volunteered at the hospital near where I live for 80 hours this summer, had a blast too! </p>

<p>Teacher recommendations I'm going to assume were good...not brilliant, but good. </p>

<p>My essays are definitely good, I spent a lot of time on those, had a lot of people read em and make comments. </p>

<p>General comments: I almost hope I don't get in anywhere else so my folks will be forced to send me to Wash U...</p>


SAT I: 1600 (M: 800, V: 800)
SAT IIs: 790 (Math IIC); 780 (Writing); 720 (U.S. History)
GPA: 3.94 unweighted
Rank: unranked</p>

<p>Current High School Courses
AP English Literature
AP European History
AP French Language
AP Physics C, E&M
AP Statistics</p>

Essays: pretty good: 8/10
Teacher Recs: didn't read them
Counselor Rec: didn't read them
Hook (if any): not a thing</p>

State or Country: Illinois, U.S.
School Type: private
Ethnicity: white
Gender: male</p>

<p>STRENGTHS: unique things (veganism, starter of satirical newspaper, etc.) discussed in essays and application.</p>

<p>WEAKNESSES: no hook, close to being in-state</p>

<p>ECs: varsity cross-country 9-12, varsity baseball 10-11, starter of a school satirical newspaper, president of Gay-Straight Alliance, electric bassist, a few others I can't remember</p>

<p>Other Factors: needed financial aid</p>