<p>Okay, the normal SAT I thread is getting cluttered with questions about which section was experimental...</p>

<p>So let's go over the SAT I math.</p>

<p>1) What was the answer to question about the greatest prime factor or something that can go into 225? I think I got 5.</p>

<p>2) What was the answer where it was some number * 10 ^ t < some other number. I think I got t = 2.</p>

<p>3) The logic question where x^2 = 1. If x = 1, then y = 2. If y = 2, then z = 3. I got the answer for x + z = 0.</p>

<p>4) For the one with the car (50% were red, 60% had four doors, and 70% had alloy rims) did it ask for the greatest number of cars or for the greatest PERCENTAGE of cars that were green, had two doors, and alloy rims? I think I messed up and overlooked that entire part of the question (which made my answer majorly wrong). Did it say that there were 200 cars total?</p>

<p>5) The part where the answer was 52.5. I know it had something to do with chairs... does anyone remember the question specifically?</p>

<p>What were the grid-in questions where the answers were 101, 34, 7, 5, and 21.1?</p>

<p>Feel free to reply...</p>

<p>1) B - I got 5 as well
2) D because it could be t=1,2,3
3) I got 0 as well
4) yeah the answer was 80 i think (200*(1-.8)
5) it was a factory that made chairs, i think it was like a certain number in 3 hours and another number in 5 hours, so what was the total average</p>

<p>what was the question for the gridin with answer 101.</p>


<p>the test that i took today had 4 math sections, and 3 verbals.i read that 1 of the math sections dont count, so that there would be 60 questions. anyway, on the grid in section i gridded the answer but i think i forgot to bubble in the digits. so right there i omitted like 10 questions and didnt know. plus 6 more questions i didnt get to, plus about 3 or 4 i got wrong. Being that i answered all 4 sections of math. What do you think my raw score is?</p>

<p>what about that question that said the area was 4, what the area of the shaded circle</p>

<p>was the section with 4/9 and whatever section 3 or 4 ? cuz i know there were two quant comp/fill in ones for my test. i just dont kwno which one is experiemntal. and i cant find the link on colelgeboard which says which ones are experimental and not...</p>

<p>they dont tell which 1 is experimental i think it was the 4th 1 though</p>

<p>no they do. my friend gave me the link for another month. i just cant find it now..</p>

<p>"what about that question that said the area was 4, what the area of the shaded circle"</p>

<p>Answer is 2 -- AB was diameter, so it cut circle and area in half.</p>

<p>the gridin with 4/9's was the section that counted, not sure which one it was, but it counted.</p>

<p>i thought the answer was 2 too, but i ommited it because it was jus to easy, so i assumed it was a trick question.</p>

<p>Yea, I think they were trying to trick you into thinking it was a trick question.</p>

<p>Those guys are tricky.</p>

<p>im pretty sure its two. even if u put in four for the formula of a circle and then get the radius that way, you still get two when you solve for half the area of a circle.</p>

<p>wat about the question about perpendicular line and they asked for x. was the answer 20?</p>

<p>Was the one with the x^2=1 experimental? I hope it was because for some reason I hit a mental block and could not get that problem! I don't remember what I put...</p>

<p>The degree's one? If so, then yes.</p>

<p>Anyone care to share the question with answer 101?</p>

<p>the quantitive comparison question about angle ade and abd. was the answer d or where they equal. i know the angles measured more than 45 degrees</p>

<p>wat question had answer 101?</p>

<p>anyone get 4/9 or 8/18 for one of the grid ins?</p>

<p>mk13: </p>

<p>the sat are given tomorrow as well, so i dont think we're gonna find out the experimental just yet</p>