Official SAT I/SAT II Prediction/Reality Comparison

<p>Yea... that's a pretty long title.</p>

<p>Anyways, here's how the competiton works.</p>

<p>Write down what you wrote as your predicted score in the prediction post. Then write down what you got as your real score. </p>

<p>Then write down the average of the absolute difference.</p>

<p>Here's just an example..</p>

<p>Prediction - 800 M, 800 V
Reality - 500 M, 500 V
Difference - 300 points</p>

<p>Ya, I'll do this tommorrow when I get my scores. Unless I do poorly, in which case I'll walk despondently to the supermarket to buy Godiva chocolate ice cream and stare down strangers. For a reason, though not an immediately apparent one.</p>

<p>oh, oops.</p>

<p>Gatsby, I'll gladly join you and it's not just because I love the book.</p>

<p>I will join you both!</p>

<p>Sighs! I'm in too! If I don't break 1400, I'm going to not speak to anyone all day tomorrow while I brood over the inanity of my temporary life.</p>


<p>Trust me, when we're all 33 and working in cubicles, we will look back at this and laugh sadly.</p>

<p>Predicted scores:</p>

US History-590

<p>Hmm...I didn't do very well on my SAT IIs at all :(</p>


<p>U.S. History: 720
Literature: 650
Writing: 700</p>

SATv: 670-720

<p>My prediction:</p>


<p>my predicted scores for my SAT I in march were 10 points off in each subject.</p>


<p>Literature: 200
Math IC: 200</p>

<p>That way no matter what I get on my scores I will feel better about it, because you do get at least 200 points. I'm being on the safe side here.</p>

<p>Math IC- 680 </p>


<p>I certainly hope it's higher! I'll be happy with anything above a 700.</p>

<p>Chemistry: 700
Math IIC: 730
Literature: 700</p>

<p>I hope I score higher than these predictions, but oh well.</p>


<p>Math: 700
Verbal: 700</p>


<p>Math: 700
Verbal: 600 (Pray to god)</p>

<p>MathIC: 660
Literature: 690
Writing: 710</p>


<p>Math IIC: 750
Writing: 650
Biology M: 700</p>