Official Stanford 2014 Waitlist Discussion

<p>Just to discuss this year.</p>

<p>Ah, has anyone else been stressing out in the last few days? This past month I've been pretty much putting it at the side, being aware that our chances are low to none, but within the last two or three days I've been thinking about it a lot (too much for sure; my dream last night was about it).</p>

<p>I'm not too worried. I guess I'm just interested in seeing how it will all turnout, but I do agree with you, this year it doesn't seem like Stanford will pull many if any from the wait list. I'm pretty occupied with activities, so that might be a stress reliever.</p>

<p>Estimate for number of waitlistees admitted. Go!</p>


<p>10 Char</p>

<p>So, out of curiosity, where did you guys/gals submit your deposit money? For me, it's UC Berkeley.</p>

<p>I submitted mine at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.</p>

<p>UCLA! :) But if I get off the waitlist at Stanford... who knows what I'll do.</p>

<p>princeton (: so im happy either way!</p>

<p>I submitted my deposit in Columbia</p>

<p>Is everyone still excited? May 7 is coming up!</p>

<p>When the university in question is STANFORD, almost everyone would be excited!</p>

<p>Hello everybody!!!</p>

<p>Hahaha, agreed. Hello, Harvard17!</p>

<p>Hello, with warm wishes and crossed fingers, Themust!</p>

<p>Will we be informed via email of Stanford's decision to move to the waitlist or will there be a public announcement for the same?</p>

<p>If I'm not mistaken, they will start releasing decisions anytime from May 7 to July 1. It's pretty much like a rolling admissions now. Correct me if I'm wrong.</p>

<p>Looking at last year's admission news, they first announced they were taking students from the waitlist on May 7th, but didn't start sending the emails until May 12th. Other waitlistees were emailed that they were on the extended waitlist, and on May 27th the last round of admitted waitlist students were contacted.</p>

<p>On a slightly related note: The director of admission Shawn Abbott has just announced he has resigned and it will be effective on May 14th! I hope this doesn't signify/change anything for the waitlist. Here's</a> the article about it.</p>

<p>^^There's no reason it should affect the waitlist. The most senior person in admissions at Stanford is Richard Shaw (the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid), on whose staff Mr. Abbott serves.</p>

<p>Good luck to all waitlistees!</p>

<p>I wonder why he would resign?</p>

<p>Based on the quote in the article cited above, Mr. Abbott was saying that by going to NYU he would be in line for the top admissions post there eventually. Of course, there may also be personal reasons that may not be disclosed. E.g., sometimes a person's significant other may have obtained a coveted position elsewhere, and persuades their partner that they should support their new opportunity by coming along.</p>

and on May 27th the last round of admitted waitlist students were contacted.


<p>I know some one who was let in later than that, he was informed of his acceptance mid summer.</p>