****Official Thread- Duke Email, Contact, Connections****

<p>I didn't see this on the front page so I assumed it wasn't made....</p>

<h3>What's up everybody? For those of you going to Duke, we should create some sort of communication device that can function as a "preview" of sorts to the kind of people you will see at the university. Here is a format:</h3>

Duke email if you want to provide it
Place of Birth/Ethnicity
3 Interests
Why you chose to go to Duke!</p>

<p>I'll start:</p>

<h1>Raffi Garnighian</h1>

<h1><a href="mailto:rg122@duke.edu">rg122@duke.edu</a></h1>


<h1>Born in Bucharest, Romania</h1>

<h1>Debate, Drums, Skyrim</h1>

<h1>The campus is beautiful, I love NC, and the sports are great!</h1>

<p>how about you guys do this on an a) more private setting so your info isn't all over the internet and b) somewhere where only accepted students are...</p>

<p>Try the accepted students 2016 FB group</p>

<p>I don't see how sharing an email is a problem but I guess someone will make something like this in the 2016 thread so it doesn't really matter</p>